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The Jefferson Bible
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The Jefferson Bible, Smithsonian Edition: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
by Thomas Jefferson

The Jefferson Bible is an exquisite full-color reproduction of his famous, much-edited version of Jesus’ life and teachings, cut and pasted from eight Bibles—two each in English, French, Latin and Greek. Includes his hand-written margin notes, chapters on his Enlightenment views, and a review of the painstaking process to preserve the original.

An introduction by Smithsonian curators Harry R. Rubenstein and Barbara Clark Smith explains Jefferson’s intentions in creating the volume and the ways that his endeavor reflected his Enlightenment ideals and Revolutionary spirit. Smithsonian conservator Janice Stagnitto Ellis’s essay on conservation reveals surprising insights into how Jefferson crafted the book so precisely. Faithful to the unique artifact so painstakingly created by Thomas Jefferson himself, The Jefferson Bible, Smithsonian Edition makes the thoughts of a great American mind accessible for generations to come.
The red leather book resides in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Behring Center. The Thomas Jefferson Bible is on exhibit at the Albert H. Small Documents Gallery in the National Museum of American History.
208 pages, full color reproduction of the original Jefferson Bible containing 4 languages.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Dave
Hamburg, Pennsylvania
September 24, 2012
"My wife bought this for me. I couldn't be more pleased. I do feel that the description of the book should state that it is hard bound, nowhere in the description did I find that mentioned. The binding is so attractivew that I brought it to the attention of my wife after I received it. Beautiful color, well done and clearly printed. It should be in every library. Thank you."
By Quintilingual
July 27, 2012
"This is a beautiful facsimile edition of Jefferson's Bible. The introduction provides succinct account of Jefferson's philosophy and religious beliefs against the background of early American theology and politics. More than just a flat facsimile, there are fold-out maps and little touches like an actual pasted-on-the-page snippet of text (p. 56r). It's a really cool book. My only complaint is hardly the Smithsonian's fault -- I hate the Greek font. Besides the ligatures, which take some getting used to (but are pretty standard for an 18th-century printing), the font is very small, faded, and just hard to read. Again, not the Smithsonian's fault, they've done an excellent job reproducing the artifact that is Jefferson's Bible. If you want to read the New Testament in Greek, grab your Nestle-Aland. The rest of the text is fine and makes for pleasurable reading. Overall, I can't recommend this book highly enough."
By Charlotte
New Braunfels, TX
June 06, 2012
"I don't read French, Greek or Latin but Istudying Jefferson's approach (written in English) to Jesus' teachings is informing about the former president and points directions for me to consider. This book will take time and quiet to review and use, but I expect to gain a better understanding of my beliefs from it."
By Susan
Huntsville, Alabama
June 02, 2012
"I had a fun time trying to find this book. I looked at several places in DC before finding someone who pointed to the place I needed to go online to place my order. Thank goodness I found him!"
By Zacker
April 16, 2012
"Very interesting historical account of Jefferson's journey in his belief in the separation of church and state and his creation of his own inspirational bible."