Peony and Cherry Blossom Yukata

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Wrap yourself in happiness. Exquisitely printed with bouquets of peonies and cherry blossoms, this elegant and comfortable Peony and Cherry Blossom Yukata is artisan made in the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan. Navy. 100% cotton sateen. (Included belt ships inside one of the sleeves.)

Museum Story

This Peony and Cherry Blossom Yukata celebrates historic yukatas in our Asian ethnological collection at our National Museum of Natural History. Representing the cultures of Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean, the collection includes crafts, religious art, jewelry and clothing.


Sizes, S (54"l.), M (56"l.), L (58"l.), XL (60"l.). Wash separately, gentle cycle. DO NOT tumble dry. DO NOT dry clean.