Mindful Meditation Kit

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Carve out a peaceful moment with this Mindful Meditation Kit. Grow your own lavender plant from non-GMO seeds in a bamboo pot; a passive hydroponic system means watering is as easy as can be. Roll on an essential oil blend of lavender and cardamom and breathe in relaxing vibes; set the mindfulness timer for five digital-free minutes of quiet bliss.

Museum Story

Smithsonian Gardens extends the Smithsonian's museum experience in a public garden setting with over 180 acres of outdoor gardens including 13 public exhibition gardens often called the Smithsonian institution's "museum without walls." Staff also produces interior exhibits and horticultural displays around the Smithsonian, develops educational programing, and manages artifact, archival, and living collections.


Set includes:

  • Lavender seeds
  • Bamboo melamine pot
  • Plant and water tray
  • Plant food
  • Coco coir and perlite growing medium
  • Polypropylene wick
  • Glass and sand hourglass timer
  • Essential oil in glass bottle with metal top roller

  • Assembled in the USA