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Winter Waterglobe
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With a gentle shake of this exquisite orb and a quick reading of Basho’s haiku engraved on its base—Winter solitude in a world of one color the sound of wind—you can relive that “perfect winter day” or anticipate its return next season. The bare birch trees of the Winter Waterglobe welcome gentle snowfalls. Resin, glass. Made in China.
This Winter Four Seasons Waterglobe recalls the Smithsonian's extensive seasonal plantings and river birch trees in our Butterfly Habitat Garden at our National Museum of Natural History.
5"h. x 4"dia. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Vic
November 30, 2015
"I love the globe. My only complaint is the haiku cannot easily be seen much less read."
Brick, NJ
November 21, 2015
"Once again Simthsonain "doesn't disappoint"!"
By Rain Rabbit
June 01, 2015
"Since 'Winter' is my favorite season, I decided to treat myself to this little beauty. I enjoy the peace it gives--with just a simple little wrist movement--a gentle shake. Too, I will often close my eyes while shaking to prepare for the 'Scene' to unfold. Try it. You may just experience a brief but wonderful 'peaceful,' invigorating moment or two--even if you're not a friend of the season. I recently ordered the 'Autumn' Water Globe. Really looking forward to THIS 'Season' too!"
By Dave
Vancouver, BC
April 04, 2014
"I read the reviews warning to buy the entire set as once you have seen one you will want them all. It was a consistent theme so I decided to buy the entire set. Good idea, as there was a substantial price difference between ordering one at $65 and ordering the entire set at $199 (i.e., $50 a peice). Good idea, but hard to do. When I took my cart to the point of sale, I was informed that I did not know my home address, etc. Either that or the peices could not be shipped out of the USA. So, I proceed to call. Even with the assistance of an opperator, I could not order them as a group to be sent out of the USA; only individually at the higher price. Too bad, as they would have made a nice set. But the Winter Globe is quite nice by it's self."
By Mountain Man
West Virginia
December 30, 2013
"I purchased the winter globe and my wife liked it so much we ended up purchasing the full set. Don't make the same mistake. This is very nice attractive product and well worth the price."