Kwanzaa Taper Candles Set of 7

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Light these set of 7 Kwanzaa Taper Candles to authentically observe this holiday. The set of candles is made with paraffin wax, 100% cotton wicks, and are hand painted in a rural village in South Africa. When observing Kwanzaa, the black candle symbolizes people, three red candles represent struggles of the past and three green candles stand for the Earth and an abundance of possibilities in the year ahead. Each candle will vary.

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  • Set of seven
  • 9" x 1"
  • Unscented and hand painted
  • Paraffin wax, 100% cotton wick, non-toxic paint
  • Burn time minimum of 8 hours
  • Trim wick to 1/4". Do not light in a draft and do not leave unattended
  • Made in South Africa