Baltic Amber Falcon Necklace

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A masterpiece of silversmithing and lapidary work, Polish artisans have created a silver falcon with gorgeous plumage—sculpted in sterling silver with hand-shaped green, lemon, cognac, and cherry Baltic amber. Hook and eye clasp. Made in Poland. Natural variations will occur with this Baltic Amber Falcon Necklace.

This jewelry item comes packaged in a white box (pictured).

Museum Story

Sometimes called “the golden gem of the ages,” amber is often found in coastal areas—especially from the Baltic Sea where it is sometimes found on the shore after a storm. Since the Stone Age amber has been prized and revered by many cultures—for its beauty and for its supposed curative and magical powers. Amber—like the gems gracing this Baltic Amber Falcon Necklace—is curated by the Mineral Sciences Department at our National Museum of Natural History.

Gemstone Info

Prized since the Stone Age, treasured by ancient civilizations, and coveted by 18th- and 19th-century European monarchs, amber (particularly 40,000-50,000 year-old Baltic amber) is still highly valued for its natural translucence. A glowing organic gemstone (naturally occurring in various shades of brown, yellow, green and clear), amber is actually the fossilized resin of prehistoric trees. Natural inclusions such as plant life or insects increase its worth.


18"l. sterling silver snake chain. 2"l. pendant.

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Catherine Kniff

January 16, 2019

Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 Beautiful pendant with several amber colors. Hand...

Beautiful pendant with several amber colors. Hand work is excellent. My only comment is that some of the stones are not set exactly in their mounts - however doesn't affect the impact of this exceptional piece of art. Holiday, FL


Ann Marie

February 12, 2018

Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 This is a stunning pendant! I wear it every chance...

This is a stunning pendant! I wear it every chance I get. I wish the clasp was easier to use, but that's my only negative, and it is worth the trouble. Philadelphia, PA

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