13-Inch Plush Tiger Cub and Little Tiger Book

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Cuddly soft, this adorable plush tiger cub is perfect for snuggling, especially while reading Little Tiger, the story of a tiger cub's jungle adventure with mama by his side. Made in Indonesia.

Museum Story

These irresistible cuddlers are so-o-o soft and so-o-o cute! Who can resist our "furry" friends with their hug-me-now expressions and realistic coats. These are some of the Smithsonian's favorite gift items! An Amur tiger and a Sumatran tiger live at our National Zoo's Great Cats exhibit.


Set includes 13"h. polyester tiger cub and board book with 20 pages. Plush: Not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Book: 3 to 5 years.