How to Style a Scarf

The Art of Scarf Styling.

Scarves and scarf styling are both forms of art. While the first is appreciated for its pattern and design the latter is the art we create ourselves. Below we have put together 5 of our favorite ways to style a scarf.


Fold the scarf in half on the diagonal and drape over your shoulders creating two tails. Take one tail and gently tie it around the other. This is a soft look so be sure to tie it only once.


The Side tie starts by using the same technique above but using a double knot to secure the scarf in place. Once tied, offset the scarf to either shoulder.


This look is created by taking the scarf and folding it in half on the diagonal. Continue by folding the scarf over from the large end towards the small point 3 times. Take one end of the scarf and start at the base of your neck and then continue to wrap the scarf around the front and then back again leaving a longer tail in the front.


To create this look fold the scarf over itself in roughly 2 inch increments. Once it is completely folded into a long strip of fabric place the midpoint of the scarf at the front of your throat and reverse wrap the scarf until you are left with 4-5 inches in the front. Take the remainder and tie in a double knot pulling the ends towards your chest.


Start again by taking the scarf and folding it in half on the diagonal. Make one more fold about 10 inches wide. Place the midpoint with the tailside behind your neck. Make a full knot in front of your throat and fluff up the top tail.