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Slide 0: Crystal Sea Nettle Paperweight
Crystal Sea Nettle Paperweight
Was: $25.00 Now: $18.99
Laser-etched with a flotilla of tiny sea nettle jellyfish, this Crystal Sea Nettle Paperweight captures the wonder of ocean life. Felted underside. Gift boxed.
Slide 1: Set of 3 Bird and Cherry Blossom Cinnabar-Colored Boxes
Set of 3 Bird and Cherry Blossom Cinnabar-Colored Boxes
Was: $45.00 Now: $34.99
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

These exquisite molded-resin boxes—deeply etched with auspicious bird and cherry blossom designs—make stunning vanity or desktop repositories for jewelry or paperclips. These Set of 3 Bird and Cherry Blossom Cinnabar-Colored Boxes are hand-polished.


Slide 2: Leaf Print Terra Cotta Vases
Leaf Print Terra Cotta Vases
Was: $35.00 - $65.00 Now: $24.99 - $44.99
Striped to resemble the veins of leaves, the naturalistic exteriors of these textured Leaf Print Terra Cotta Vases echo the botanicals they might present.

Small Orig. $35.00 NOW $24.99
Large Orig. $65.00 NOW $44.99

Slide 3: Turquoise Ceramic Vases
Turquoise Ceramic Vases
Was: $45.00 - $65.00 Now: $29.99 - $42.99
These Turquoise Ceramic Vases—with their warm turquoise glazes and contrasting charcoal striations—add stylish warmth to casual living spaces. Display only.

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Medium Cylinder Orig. $55.00 NOW $35.99
Tall Cylinder Orig. $65.00 NOW $42.99
Short Orig. $45.00 NOW $29.99

Slide 4: Wild Animal Wall Décor
Wild Animal Wall Décor
Was: $175.00 Now: $69.99
This handcrafted collection of Wild Animal Wall Décor—the floppy-eared Elephant, the bow-tied Giraffe, or the ruffled-mane Tiger—adds playful zoo-inspired style to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Celebrating some of the most popular animals at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, each of the creatures in this Wild Animal Wall Décor collection is hand-sewn, stitched and filled, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Each mounts flush to the wall with an included hook attachment. 100% organic, felted lamb’s wool. Polyester fill.


Slide 5: Cat Treat Jar and Food Bowl
Cat Treat Jar and Food Bowl
Was: $55.00 Now: $19.99
Indulge your favorite feline with gourmet accessories—a Treat Jar with sealed lid and a microwave- and dishwasher-safe Water/Food Bowl. Handmade in ceramic stoneware, each is decorated with cat delights—a “MEOW,” bird, mouse, ball of yarn, cat, and fish bones (jar)—and will vary slightly. This Cat Treat Jar and Food Bowl is designed in the U.S.A.

Jar Orig. $95.00 NOW $39.99
Bowl Orig. $55.00 NOW $19.99
Slide 6: Golden Radiance Platter and Bowl
Golden Radiance Platter and Bowl
Was: $75.00 Now: $49.99
Like sculpted works of art, these food-safe vessels are so striking in their textural design they beg to be displayed as centerpieces—with or without seasonal fruits or decorations. This Golden Radiance Platter and Bowl is made of aluminum.

Platter Orig. $95.00 NOW $59.99
Bowl Orig. $75.00 NOW $49.99

Slide 7: Mixed Media Vases/Planters
Mixed Media Vases/Planters
Was: $25.00 - $50.00 Now: $12.49 - $24.99
Handsome vessels for bouquets or plantings—individually or in combination—these are modern Mixed Media Vases/Planters. The Cork vase features a ceramic interior. The Diamond is glazed ceramic. The Mixed contrasts a ceramic upper with cork below. (No drainage holes.)

Cork Orig. $25.00 NOW $12.49
Diamond Orig. $50.00 NOW $24.99
Mixed Orig. $45.00 NOW $22.49

Slide 8: Hand-Painted Porcelain Vases
Hand-Painted Porcelain Vases
Was: $25.00 Now: $8.99
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Collect all three of these Hand-Painted Porcelain Vases—gourd, round or flare. Molded and painted by hand, these elegant porcelain vases with their charming floral motifs are beautiful to display, with or without a fresh blossom or two. Porcelain.

Slide 9: Ombré Honeycomb Vase
Ombré Honeycomb Vase
Was: $130.00 Now: $89.99
This Ombré Honeycomb Vase is masterfully hand-blown in a blue-to-grey ombré palette. The honeycomb design of this collectible art glass vase looks—with the merest change in lighting—at once opaque and clear.
Slide 10: Blue-and-White Floral Accent Rug
Blue-and-White Floral Accent Rug
Was: $60.00 Now: $44.99
Hand-hooked in the style of prized Chinese blue-and-white wares, this charming Blue-and-White Floral Accent Rug lends serenity to kitchens, doorways or bathrooms. Polyester. Imported. Indoor use only.
Slide 11: Lily Pad Jewelry Holder
Lily Pad Jewelry Holder
Was: $45.00 Now: $21.99
Miniature frogs on lily pads—one atop the lattice; the other below—silently croak their perspectives on the trinkets and jewelry that you entrust to them. This Lily Pad Jewelry Holder is hand-polished aluminum. Verdigris finish. Padded underside.
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