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Slide 0: Chroma Cube
Chroma Cube
Was: $30.00 Now: $19.99
Unblock your mind. In Chroma Cube—a colorful strategy game—reference one of 25 different puzzle cards (which feature clues on the back) to determine which of 12 colorful wooden cubes goes where. Ages 7 and up.
Slide 1: The Artist's Garden at Giverny Wooden Puzzle
The Artist's Garden at Giverny Wooden Puzzle
Was: $90.00 Now: $69.99
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Piece together The Artist’s Garden at Giverny Wooden Puzzle, a re-creation of Monet’s painting of his garden at Giverny, France. Crafted from sustainably harvested wooden boards laminated with printed paper, this 250-piece The Artist’s Garden at Giverny Wooden Puzzle includes whimsy shapes—first created by Victorian puzzle cutters who cut them on a "whim."
Slide 2: Sea Urchin Wooden Puzzle
Sea Urchin Wooden Puzzle
Was: $65.00 Now: $47.99
An heirloom collectible, this Sea Urchin Wooden Puzzle depicts a stunning image of colorful sea urchins. Printed with archival ink on archival paper and dry-mounted on sustainably harvested birch, this Sea Urchin Wooden Puzzle is cut into 201 pieces, five of them gorgeous figural sea creatures. Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
Slide 3: Travel Tic Tac Toe Coin Set
Travel Tic Tac Toe Coin Set
Was: $25.00 Now: $18.99
Amuse restless kids and adults alike with this Travel Tic Tac Toe Coin Set. Genuine, acrylic-cased Jefferson nickels and Lincoln pennies replace X's and O's. History card tells about the coins and relates interesting facts about Jefferson and Lincoln. Certificate of Authenticity.
Slide 4: Smithsonian 2018 Engagement Calendar
Smithsonian 2018 Engagement Calendar
Was: $13.99 Now: $6.99
This week-at-a-glance datebook evokes the diversity, beauty, and immensity of the Smithsonian Institution's collections. A weekly treasure for the person who finds wonder and beauty in the world. The Treasures from the Smithsonian Institution 2018 Engagement Calendar highlights a spectacular array of riches from the Smithsonian's 20 museums and galleries, in addition to the entries from the National Zoological Park and Smithsonian research centers. Each spread features a full-color photograph of an object from the Smithsonian's vast holdings, along with detailed information about the object and its origins. From American crafts to African sculpture to aeronautical wonders and everything in between, this Smithsonian 2018 Engagement Calendar truly has something for everyone. The calendar also features information, phone numbers, and Web site addresses for all the Smithsonian museums and research centers.
Slide 5: Children's Dino Fossil Costumes
Children's Dino Fossil Costumes
Was: $45.00 Now: $19.99
Youngsters will adore dressing up as a mighty stegosaurus, triceratops, or T. rex. Footed jumpsuits are complemented by mitts and a soft hood. Hook and loop closures for easy on and off with these Children's Dino Fossil Costumes. Polyester. Imported.

T. Rex

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