National Air & Space Museum

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Slide 0: Earth Glass Paperweight
Earth Glass Paperweight
This stunning, gently glow-in-the dark Earth Glass Paperweight is formed from melted glass rods whose molten mass is shaped into this cosmic design. Handmade by artisan glassmakers.
Slide 1: White Astronaut Backpack
White Astronaut Backpack
This realistic White Astronaut Backpack has all the right stuff to complete your junior astronaut's dream mission. This backpack holds all of your space gear. Includes a top and bottom compartment as well as a side pocket. Three way harness system for comfort and realistic look and feel.
Slide 2: 6-Patch Adult MA-1 Flight Jacket
6-Patch Adult MA-1 Flight Jacket
Six authentic embroidered patches—F/A 18 Hornet, U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-22 Raptor, Blackhawk Helicopter, and the American Flag—decorate this zip-front 6-Patch Adult MA-1 Flight Jacket. Brass zipper and slash pocket snaps. Zippered shoulder pocket and pen holders. Knit collar, cuffs, and waistband. Water resistant and machine washable heavyweight nylon. Imported. Make it whole squad with the 7-Patch Kid's MA-1 Flight Jacket (Item #28315).
Slide 3: The Original Astronaut Slipper Sock
The Original Astronaut Slipper Sock
NASA astronauts wore The Original Astronaut Slipper Socks on every shuttle mission since 1982. Cloud-cushion footbeds. Suede soles. Machine washable. Ragg wool/Cotton blend. Designed in Maine. Imported.
Slide 4: Space Shuttle Playset
Space Shuttle Playset
Encourage exploration and adventure with this realistic Space Shuttle Playset with openable bay doors. This exciting playset comes with 3 astronauts, an American flag, and a launch pad with removable boosters. Diecast, plastic. Ages 3 and up.
Slide 5: WWII Aviation Aloha Shirt
WWII Aviation Aloha Shirt
This authentic WWII Aviation Aloha Shirt features the B-24 Liberator, F4U Corsair, B-17 Flying Fortress, P-40 Warhawk, and P-51 Mustang. Pattern-matched chest pocket. Coconut buttons. 100% cotton. Made in Hawaii.
Slide 6: Mars: A New View of the Red Planet
Mars: A New View of the Red Planet
Mars has always fascinated humanity and the findings of the past decade have revolutionized ideas about our nearest neighbor—revealing its watery past and geological similarity to Earth.

This gorgeously illustrated volume is filled with the latest and most magnificent images to be sent back from Curiosity, will walk you in the footsteps of the NASA probes and rovers that have been surveying the planet from 1964 until the present day. Experience its other-worldly beauty as you hover over sinister dust devils, immense icecaps and textured rock formations.

Mars: A New View of the Red Planet charts an incredible course across this unfamiliar planet, depicting all sides, seasons, channels and chasms, from the North Pole to the Southern Highlands. Witness the soaring heights of Olympus Mons—the tallest volcano in the Solar System—watch a giant dust storm tear through the canyons of the Valles Marineris, and explore the broad valleys of Chryse Planitia, scarred from catastrophic floods.

Detailed and accessible essays explain how Mars was formed, shedding light on its internal and external structure, weather systems and unique geographical features, as well as on the compelling evidence of water and microscopic life. Each image is accompanied by a caption that explains in unparalleled detail the abstract patterns and peculiar geology that form this majestic planet.

Featuring over 200 spectacular photographs and informative color diagrams, an atlas of the surface and details of the most recent scientific discoveries Mars is the perfect introduction to the Red Planet.