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Slide 0: P-51 Mustang Ornament
P-51 Mustang Ornament

Take to the skies with a Mustang ornament that celebrates this significant aircraft. The P-51 Mustang was designed in 1940 and played a key role in World War II. To create each ornament, Dynasty Gallery lampwork artists use an open flame torch to melt down glass rods and then delicately shape the molten glass. This eye catching ornament comes in a gift box and can hang or stand when it is not in flight.
Slide 1: Smithsonian Rocket Science Kit
Smithsonian Rocket Science Kit
Build and launch a rocket powered by only baking soda and vinegar. This hands-on Smithsonian Rocket Science Kit for kids can be used again and again to reach new heights up to 50 feet in the air. The rocket kit comes with detailed instructions and the parts to start soaring, recalling the rockets celebrated at the National Air and Space Museum.
Slide 2: Saturn V Rocket 3D Puzzle
Saturn V Rocket 3D Puzzle
Piece together a galactic odyssey with a space puzzle highlighting the Saturn V rocket. The 68-piece puzzle stands out in 3D to create a striking, display-worthy piece. This rocket served as the launch vehicle for the Apollo missions and also the Skylab Space Station. Developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, the Saturn V earned its "V" designation due to the five powerful F-1 engines that powered the first stage of the rocket.
Slide 3: Smithsonian Planetarium Projector
Smithsonian Planetarium Projector
Fall asleep under the stars and ignite your kid's interest in the universe with this Smithsonian Planetarium Projector. It brings planets, stars, asteroids and other celestial bodies down to earth and into your young one's bedroom. Best of all? It's as amazing to look at as it is educational. As the planetarium rotates, slide discs display star patterns of the northern hemisphere, HD space images, and more.
Slide 4: Amelia Earhart Ankle Socks
Amelia Earhart Ankle Socks
Reach new heights from the bottom up with Amelia Earhart memorabilia socks. This cozy pair of ankle socks celebrates the aviation pioneer with her likeness and inspiring quote, "The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do."
Slide 5: Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Kit
Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Kit
With a wooden spaceship craft kit little explorers have everything they need to create three space crafts that are worthy of epic travels. With this sweet set, creating them is only half the fun. Once the wooden pieces are painted and decorated, these spaceships make great toys. Whether it's a rocket carrying an astronaut to the moon or a UFO bringing a little green man to the third planet from the sun, the design of a spacecraft is key to its mission.
Slide 6: Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits - Space
Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits - Space
This space craft kit combines the best of creativity, discovery, and learning in one exciting artistic journey. Kids can cast their own molds of a space shuttle, command module, and more to paint, display, or play with. A space-themed activity book and coloring poster rounds out the out-of-this-world kit.
Slide 7: Adventures in Space
Adventures in Space
With a lenticular cover and packed full of fun surprises, Adventures in Space contains everything young space explorers need to learn about the planets and beyond. After reading about the planets and space exploration, kids can use the shaped box to create their own Moon landing scene with dioramas, cardstock models, and figurines. Whether it's Jupiter's moons or Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, this book contains everything kids need for an intergalactic adventure at home.
Slide 8: Outer Space Shaped Puzzle
Outer Space Shaped Puzzle
A rocket-shaped space puzzle is the perfect way to explore the galaxy. Little hands can piece together a colorful scene with planets, satellites, and more interstellar excitement. When it's complete, the puzzle takes shape as a rocket ready for blast off.
Slide 9: Rocket Science Adult Mask
Rocket Science Adult Mask

In response to the CDC recommendation that people wear a cloth face covering when out in the community, non-medical, reusable masks have become an essential accessory today. This Rocket Science Adult Mask is the perfect way to wear your love of space, science, and engineering with pride. Rockets, satellites, and astronauts cover the hand sewn mask that is sized for adults. It is made in the USA with stretchy ear loops that make it feel comfortable while it adds a layer of protection.
Slide 10: The Mysteries of the Universe
The Mysteries of the Universe
In The Mysteries of the Universe children's book, every page will captivate young readers as they journey through the vastness of space. From planets and asteroids to black holes and galaxies, each celestial body is explored through detailed photographs and illustrations that children will love poring over as well as engaging, storybook-style descriptions of each object that allow readers to delve into myths, legends, trivia, and key discoveries about the solar system and beyond.
Slide 11: Failure Is Not an Option Hooded Sweatshirt
Failure Is Not an Option Hooded Sweatshirt
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

This Failure Is Not an Option Hooded Sweatshirt includes an Apollo XIII logo. 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Made in Honduras, printed in the U.S.A.