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Slide 0: Silver Solar Wind Chime
Silver Solar Wind Chime
Set the outdoor scene with this Silver Solar Wind Chime that strikes the right chord, day or night. Tuned to a romantic Balinese scale, the chimes' solar light turns on automatically when the sun goes down. It casts a soft glow in your outdoor space, and paired with the soft tones of the chime, creates instant ambience. With 6 hours of charging in the full sunshine the light should remain on for 8 hours.

Slide 1: Mindful Meditation Kit
Mindful Meditation Kit
Carve out a peaceful moment with this Mindful Meditation Kit. Grow your own lavender plant from non-GMO seeds in a bamboo pot; a passive hydroponic system means watering is as easy as can be. Roll on an essential oil blend of lavender and cardamom and breathe in relaxing vibes; set the mindfulness timer for five digital-free minutes of quiet bliss.
Slide 2: Pollinator Protector Activity Kit
Pollinator Protector Activity Kit
This Pollinator Protector Activity Kit is a perfect way to plant a pollinator-friendly garden. A wildflower seed pop gets things growing, and the kit's activity mat and stickers encourage kids to replicate the flowers they see. A sweet merit badge recognizes the work done to better the planet. Adult supervision recommended with kid use.
Slide 3: Metal Hummingbird Honeys
Metal Hummingbird Honeys
These Metal Hummingbird Honeys are a sweet accent to an outdoor space in any season. Crafted from steel, the sculpture-meets-silhouette catches a pair of hummingbirds mid-flight as they circle flowers on a tree limb.
Slide 4: Pair of Metal Swallows
Pair of Metal Swallows
This Pair of Metal Swallows makes for a dashing duo in your outdoor space. Crafted from steel and inspired by barn swallows who can be found on every continent except Antarctica, the sculpture-meets-silhouette catches the light and cuts a striking scene.