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Slide 0: Kid Made Modern Art Studio Kit
Kid Made Modern Art Studio Kit
For a budding artist, the Kid Made Modern Art Studio Kit is an all-in-one set that fits into a convenient carrying case. Young creatives stay organized and their supplies stay in one place. Everything a child needs to get started sketching, painting and coloring is included. High quality tools and supplies let kids focus on creating and the carrying case makes transporting it all a cinch.
Slide 1: TableTopics® Best Things Ever!
TableTopics® Best Things Ever!
With TableTopics® Best Things Ever! card set, family and friends can uncover their favorite things and share what they like, love, and even obsess over. Bring the cards to any conversation where you'd like to know a bit more.
Slide 2: Bouquet of Birds Shaped Puzzle
Bouquet of Birds Shaped Puzzle
A birdcage shape puzzle will have you chirping with excitement as you piece together a beautiful menagerie of birds. This 750 piece Bouquet of Birds Shaped Puzzle is the work of artist Ben Gilles who created the hand-cut paper birds and gilded cage for the puzzle's image. Best of all, it pieces together into an exquisite birdcage shape.

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Slide 3: Crazy Bug Bouquet Puzzle
Crazy Bug Bouquet Puzzle
Get buzzing with this Crazy Bug Bouquet Puzzle that will have you piecing things together in a circle. Illustrated by Norwegian artist Bjorn Rune Lie, a beautiful bouquet of blooms is surrounded by a fanciful assortment of crawling and flying insects. From butterflies with chevron wings to centipedes wearing hats, this whimsical puzzle paints a charming, buggy scene.
Slide 4: TableTopics® Grandparents & Grandkids
TableTopics® Grandparents & Grandkids
This edition of conversation starters for grandparents and grandkids helps everyone get to know each other better. The questions are designed to let you share all the important things, like personal stories, fun ideas, plans for the future, and a good bit of laughter, too.
Slide 5: Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit
Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit
Kids will have fun learning science the fun way with this Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit. Grow 3 beautiful crystal formations. Learn about crystalline habitats and crystals. Kit Includes: 1 pair of goggles, 2 mixing sticks, 1 magnifying glass, 1 bag of granite stones, 2 bags of chemical powder, 1 growing blister tray, and 23" x 17" color poster with instructions. Adult supervision required. Assembly requires: scissors and heat resistant 32 fl oz (946 ml) measuring cup (not included). Caution: This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read cautions on individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision. Goggles are a toy, and they do not provide protection. Intended age for use: 10+. Made in China.
Slide 6: 12-Inch Plush Panda Cub and If I Were A Panda Board Book
12-Inch Plush Panda Cub and If I Were A Panda Board Book
With his silky soft black and white fur, this bashful plush panda is perfect for nestling, especially while reading If I Were a Panda, a wandering discovery of a panda's world. Made in China.
Slide 7: Secret Garden Puzzle
Secret Garden Puzzle
Crocodile Creek's Secret Garden Puzzle is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that is great for family or individuals. This puzzle features a colorful floral scene with hidden animals amongst the flowers—hedgehogs, chipmunks, bunnies and birds! It is a stunning piece once finished with its beautiful, colorful and complex illustrations. Puzzle pieces are made of strong, high-quality board that will not tear or break. Printed with soy-based inks. Ages 5 and up. Finished puzzle size: 18" x 24". Box size: 8" x 8" x 2". Made in China.
Slide 8: Outer Space Shaped Puzzle
Outer Space Shaped Puzzle
A rocket-shaped space puzzle is the perfect way to explore the galaxy. Little hands can piece together a colorful scene with planets, satellites, and more interstellar excitement. When it's complete, the puzzle takes shape as a rocket ready for blast off.
Slide 9: Rainforest Fuzzy Puzzle
Rainforest Fuzzy Puzzle
Little hands will love the feel of this Rainforest Fuzzy Puzzle. The chunky pieces are kid-friendly and there are fuzzy embellishments throughout the colorful jungle scene of sweet animals, curious insects, and lush foliage.
Slide 10: TableTopics® Inspiring Women For Girls
TableTopics® Inspiring Women For Girls
125 women and girls are profiled in this set of conversation starters about inspiring women. From astronauts and adventurers to athletes, writers, and scientists, these cards contain stories and quotes from some pretty amazing role models along with questions girls will love to talk about.
Slide 11: Ocean!
Ocean! Our Watery World as You've Never Seen It Before is a richly illustrated encyclopedia that sets sail into new waters with an exploration of the world's oceans and seas. Discover the geography, geology, and ecology that lies beneath the waves—from the deepest trench to the longest mountain range on Earth, and from the world's largest animal (the blue whale) to some of the smallest plankton. Using 3-D computer illustrations that present an eye-catching level of detail, this book takes you on a world tour of the waters that cover 70 percent of our planet.