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Slide 0: Gemstone Power Bracelets
Gemstone Power Bracelets
Power to the People. A Gemstone Power Bracelet for every need. According to ancient belief, gemstones worn against the skin impart special benefits. Six of these 7mm-bead Gemstone Power Bracelets are respectively strung with these semiprecious stones—hematite for healing, aventurine for confidence, amethyst for relaxation, rose quartz for compassion, tiger’s-eye for mental focus, reconstituted turquoise to cleanse energy centers. Multiple stones bead the seventh Gemstone Power Bracelet. Presented in a velvet pouch. Stretch-style bracelets are 6.5". Set of 7 includes one of each gemstone composition. Made in China. Natural variations ensure each Gemstone Power Bracelet will be one of a kind.


Slide 1: Four Seasons Waterglobes Set
Four Seasons Waterglobes Set
With a gentle shake of each exquisite orb and a quick reading of the seasonal Haiku engraved on each base, you can relive that “perfect day” or anticipate a cherished season’s return with these Four Seasons Waterglobes. The gracious cherry trees of Spring rain their blossoms upon a landscaped bridge; the elegant lilac trees of Summer shelter a statue inspired by American sculptor August St. Gaudens; the scarlet-leaved trees of Autumn shower the fall landscape with fiery sparkles; and the bare birch trees of Winter welcome gentle snowfalls. Resin, glass. Made in China.


Slide 2: First Ladies Eagle Pin
First Ladies Eagle Pin
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Sparkle Like a First Lady. Bejeweled with Austrian crystals, this First Ladies Eagle Pin is adapted from a brooch in our American History Museum's The First Ladies exhibition. Created in 1967 to honor all future U.S. first ladies, this historic pin is perfect for casual or dressy outfits. Made in China.


Slide 3: Women's Panda Slippers
Women's Panda Slippers
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Too cute! A panda mama and her darling offspring appear on the super soft exteriors of these Women's Panda Slippers, while the oh-so-cozy interiors coddle your feet with their warm sherpa lining. Non-skid soles. Machine washable polyester. Made in China.
Slide 4: Medium Oval Lapis Ring
Medium Oval Lapis Ring
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

A mesmerizing classic, this artisan jewelry piece is destined to become a family legacy. Set in a double-frame bezel, an oval cabochon jewels this enduringly elegant Medium Oval Lapis Ring. Sterling silver setting and findings. Made in India.
Slide 5: Miao Silver Flower Cuffs
Miao Silver Flower Cuffs
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

The Miao people of China and southeast Asia are known for their handmade jewelry—like these narrow Miao Silver Flower Cuffs with gracefully incised floral motifs. Fashioned from Miao silver (white copper and silver). Made in China.


Slide 6: Mount Fuji Cherry Blossom Yukata
Mount Fuji Cherry Blossom Yukata
Clouds of cherry blossoms seem to veil the view of Japan’s iconic peak in this splendid robe. This elegant and comfortable Mount Fuji Cherry Blossom Yukata is artisan-made in the ancient city of Kyoto. (Included belt ships inside one of the sleeves.) 100% cotton. Made in Japan.


Slide 7: Navajo Lapis and Sterling Teardrop Earrings
Navajo Lapis and Sterling Teardrop Earrings
Sterling silver bezels frame teardrop lapis. The lapis earrings feature rope accented settings. French wires. These Navajo Lapis and Sterling Teardrop Earrings are handmade by Navajo artisans in New Mexico.
Slide 8: Murano Glass Aquarium
Murano Glass Aquarium
(Originally $220.00)

Experience the tranquil pleasure of a tropical fish aquarium without the need for feeding and maintenance. Beautifully expressing the strong tie between the tiny islands of Venice and the briny lagoon in which they reside, this Murano Glass Aquarium is handmade by Murano glass blowers. Colorful fish, underwater reeds, and decorations are created from glass rods, called murrina, then skillfully embedded (while nearly molten) within the glass “tank” of this enchanting Murano Glass Aquarium. The result is a masterful illusion of movement made more vibrant and magical in natural light. Made in Italy. Each will vary, making it truly one-of-a-kind.


Slide 9: Cloisonné Butterfly Magnets
Cloisonné Butterfly Magnets
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Adorn your refrigerator (or any metal surface) with this fanciful quartet of hand-enameled Cloisonné Butterfly Magnets—each uniquely shaped and individually patterned. Butterflies are symbols of joy in Chinese culture. Set of 4. Made in China.


Slide 10: Cloisonné Butterfly Boxes
Cloisonné Butterfly Boxes
More Than Meets the Eye. Corral your mints, pills or earrings in these elegant hinged Cloisonné Butterfly Boxes. Richly hand-enameled over copper with brass bezel and beading. Set of 6. Made in China.
Slide 11: Pale Pink Small Floral Fan
Pale Pink Small Floral Fan
This Pale Pink Small Floral Fan comes inside of a silk fan bag. Design printed on the fan. Silk, bamboo. Handle with care. Made in Japan.