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Slide 0: Women's Penguin Slippers
Women's Penguin Slippers
Curl up with these Women's Penguin Slippers that are a cozy and adorable treat for feet. The socks-meets-slippers have a super-soft plush sherpa lining that keeps toes toasty, and non-skid soles help prevent slipping on those cold floors.

Size Chart:
Small = Size 5/6
Medium = Size 7/8
Large = Size 9/10
Extra Large = Size 11/12
Slide 1: Paisley Butterfly Print Scarf
Paisley Butterfly Print Scarf
Wrap up in a butterfly scarf that keeps the summery spirit of these beautiful insects with you year round. A bright paisley-inspired print pops against a black background and this Paisley Butterfly Print Scarf recalls the colorful, fluttering butterflies found at the Buttery Pavilion at the National Museum of Natural History.
Slide 2: Snowflake Square Scarf
Snowflake Square Scarf
Square off your look with this icy Snowflake Square Scarf. Made with pure silk, it's lightweight and feels luxurious, and is finished with a hand-rolled hem. An all-over print of falling snowflakes adds an wintery touch, regardless of the weather outside.
Slide 3: Mini Jewels Snowglobes
Mini Jewels Snowglobes
Mini jewel snowglobes evoke the spirit of the season and then some. The set of four globes comes in beautiful, jewel-tone hues and is filled with swirling glitter. Each globe has its own blend of glitter that makes it a sparkly, eye-catching piece.
Slide 4: Vegetables Unleashed - A Cookbook
Vegetables Unleashed - A Cookbook
Vegetables Unleashed will have you happily eating your veggies. This José Andrés cookbook celebrates the vibrancy and versatility of vegetables. Spanish-American chef Andrés and James Beard award-winning writer Matt Goulding set out to transform how we think about—and eat—the vast universe of vegetables. With recipes highlighting everything from a humble lentil stew to the endless variations on the classic Spanish gazpacho to the curious genius of potatoes baked in fresh compost, Vegetables Unleashed gives us the recipes, tricks, and tips behind the dishes that have made Andrés one of America's most important chefs.
Slide 5: Jewels That Made History
Jewels That Made History
From ancient treasures to royal weddings and the red carpet, Jewels That Made History: 101 Stones, Myths, and Legends by Stellene Volandes is a stunning, surprising, and glittering tour of historic turning points and gem-driven drama, delving into the passions and predilections of some of the world's most interesting and extraordinary people.
Slide 6: Vote Pierced Earrings
Vote Pierced Earrings
These Vote Pierced Earrings help to promote voting as a civic duty. These earrings are individually hand cut and assembled. Textured anodized aluminum. Sterling silver ear hooks and rivets. Handmade, each will vary on textures and color dye-lots. Made in the USA.
Slide 7: Gemstone Bonsai
Gemstone Bonsai
Firmly rooted in genuine amethyst, this enchanting Gemstone Bonsai with copper roots, trunk and branches bears gemstones rather than leaves or fruit. Made in China. Natural variations will occur.
Slide 8: Gemstone Drop Leverback Earrings
Gemstone Drop Leverback Earrings
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Polish your look with a pair of these "A-list" Gemstone Drop Leverback Earrings. Subtly shimmering cubic zirconia mountings accent sterling silver leverback closures. 13x16mm. Made in China.

Slide 9: Blue and White Porcelain Drop Earrings
Blue and White Porcelain Drop Earrings
The charming motifs of these graceful drop earrings were inspired by blue and white porcelains of the Qing dynasty. The DISK EARRINGS depict simple floral designs; the TUBE EARRINGS, floral vine motifs; and the ROUND EARRINGS, double happiness symbols. Gold-plated brass earwires. Made in the U.S.A.



Slide 10: Princess and Peony Yukata
Princess and Peony Yukata
Indulge your love of royalty. This regal Princess and Peony Yukata nestles petite princesses among grand bouquets of peonies. Artisan made in the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan. (Included belt ships inside one of the sleeves.) 100% cotton print. Navy.


Slide 11: New Age Gemstone Power Bracelets
New Age Gemstone Power Bracelets
Whether you're in to mystic powers or the power of natural beauty, these semiprecious New Age Gemstone Power Bracelets enhance your sense of wellbeing. From top to bottom, in descending order: obsidian for inner truth; red agate for emotional healing; sodalite for intuition; aventurine for confidence; yellow jade for longevity; and lavender-dyed quartz for enhanced learning. Multiple gems bead the seventh. Made in China. Natural variations will occur.