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Slide 0: Space Shuttle Playset
Space Shuttle Playset
Encourage exploration and adventure with this realistic Space Shuttle Playset with openable bay doors. This exciting playset comes with 3 astronauts, an American flag, and a launch pad with removable boosters. Diecast, plastic. Ages 3 and up.
Slide 1: JN-4 Jenny 1/32-Model
JN-4 Jenny 1/32-Model
Handcrafted in mahogany, this high quality JN-4 Jenny 1/32-Model is a replica of the JN-4 "Jenny" biplane. Arguably North America's most famous World War I aircraft, the plane was built by the Curtiss Aeroplane Company of Hammondsport, New York. Intended as a trainer for WWI pilots, it ultimately became an official U.S. Mail plane.
Slide 2: Jumbo Plush Tiger
Jumbo Plush Tiger
There’s lots to love and cuddle with this exceptionally realistic Jumbo Plush Tiger. With adorable facial features, wonderful coloring and luxuriously soft, thick faux fur this Jumbo Plush Tiger will win your heart. Comes with educational hang tag. Imported.
Slide 3: Ultra Plush Postal Museum Owney Dog
Ultra Plush Postal Museum Owney Dog
Who wouldn’t love to hold and snuggle with this adorable Ultra Plush Postal Museum Owney Dog, unofficial mascot of Railway mail clerks in the late 1800s? Wearing a removable brown vest with red trim and plaid lining and a black collar with a foam Owney name tag, Ultra Plush Owney Dog comes with a hang tag (attached to his right ear) featuring a short history of Owney. Not posable. Polyester fabric. Plastic eyes and nose. Imported.
Slide 4: 12" Plush Sloth Bear
12" Plush Sloth Bear
Look at that adorable face! Exceptionally realistic and extremely durable, this softly stuffed 12" Plush Sloth Bear with its luxurious faux fur coat is meant for a lifetime of hugs. Handcrafted with child safe materials. Educational hang tag included. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 5: 30" Sitting Plush Wolf
30" Sitting Plush Wolf
This 30" Sitting Plush Wolf is so-o-o-o soft! Wonderfully realistic, this super pet-able leader of the pack with its ultra-long variegated fur and soft muzzle, ears and paws invites lots of cuddles and hugs. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 6: 9" Plush Baby Orangutan
9" Plush Baby Orangutan
Carefully designed for a lifetime of joyful interaction, this 9" Plush Baby Orangutan is an exceptionally realistic reproduction with highly specific characteristics. Handcrafted with hand sewn stitches and luxuriously soft faux fur, this adorable baby orangutan will be a constant source of wonder and joy. Comes with educational orangutan fact tag. High-pile modacrylic fur with polyester backing. Imported.
Slide 7: White Astronaut Gloves
White Astronaut Gloves
Complete your junior astronaut ensemble with these White Astronaut Gloves. They are a must have and fully lined! These gloves have official NASA patches, textured palm for easy grip, and elastic at the wrist.
Slide 8: Stellarscope® Star Finder
Stellarscope® Star Finder
An astronomy enthusiast’s dream gift, this hand-held Stellarscope® Star Finder quickly locates and identifies up to 1500 stars and 70 constellations. Select the current time and date and view a star map of the night sky, accurate between 20° and 60° North or South latitude. Includes latitude and hemisphere adapters and a keychain light. Plastic. Ages 9 and up.