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Slide 0: USA State Flowers Puzzle
USA State Flowers Puzzle
Watch the blooms emerge across America, piece by piece. This USA State Flowers Puzzle features an illustration by bestselling artist Wendy Gold. Unique and interesting flowers create the shape of America, with each state's flower positioned geographically on the map. It's as beautiful as it is educational, and even patriotic in a subtle and lovely way.
Slide 1: Earth Puzzle
Earth Puzzle
Piece together the world, right on the floor. This deluxe, oversized Earth Puzzle spans over two feet, and is a gorgeous and interactive tribute to our home planet in all its blue and green glory. Featuring vibrant photography of the Earth as seen from outer space, the completed 100-piece puzzle will dazzle space aficionados, lovers of the natural world, and enthusiastic earthlings of all ages.
Slide 2: Hummingbirds Puzzle
Hummingbirds Puzzle
Piece together a garden scene starring beautiful hummingbirds in flight. In this Hummingbirds Puzzle, the tiny birds fly round and round—literally—the circular, 500-piece design. The colorful and lively completed image was inspired by vintage ornithological illustrations.
Slide 3: Blooming Wolf Puzzle
Blooming Wolf Puzzle
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Filippo Cardu's Blooming Wolf Puzzle captures the mysterious nature of this beautiful animal in his piercing blue eyes. Jigsaw-style pieces come together to create the wolf's head that is covered with an intricate pattern of vines, leaves and flowers in varying hues of blues and greens. The irregular edge of the leaves means there are no straight edges, giving this wooden jigsaw a perplexing twist. It's made by Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws in England.
Slide 4: Songbirds Tree Puzzle
Songbirds Tree Puzzle
This sweet Songbirds Tree Puzzle features an illustration that finds inspiration and patterns from William Morris and the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement. With their highly detailed radiantly colored plumage, these English songbirds will engage any birdwatcher. When the 1,000-piece scene comes together, 12 varieties of birds are perched on a tree amidst the beauty of a garden all around them.
Slide 5: Mars Puzzle
Mars Puzzle
The red planet takes shape in this 100-piece Mars Puzzle. Featuring vibrant photography from the archives of NASA, the large puzzle pieces together a realistic (and round!) scene that will engage science buffs and space fans of all ages.
Slide 6: Spring Blossom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Spring Blossom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Re-create Vincent Van Gogh's 1890 still life with this finely crafted Spring Blossom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. Designed and laser cut in England from sustainably harvested wood, this gorgeous puzzle's 250 unique pieces include a number of thematic "whimsy" shapes.
Slide 7: Space Bundle
Space Bundle
This Space Bundle from eeBoo helps kids dig into all things outer space. Little minds flex memory skills with a matching game full of facts about the planets, their moons and the science behind space travel. Artist-astronauts in training can draw their galactic dreams with this bundles' wire-bound sketch pad and jumbo double-sided colored pencils, or delve into images of space and cosmic bodies with colorful scratch stickers. Items not sold separately.

Space Exploration Memory & Matching Game
  • 24 Pairs to match
  • Intended for ages 3 and up

    Solar System Sketchbook
  • 60 pages
  • 8.5" x 11.5"

    Jumbo Double-Sided Pencils
  • Six pencils, sharpener included

    Space Adventure Scratch Paper Stickers
  • Bamboo stick included
  • Over 100 stickers
  • 6 Sticker sheets
  • Intended for ages 5 and up
    Slide 8: Dinosaur Bundle
    Dinosaur Bundle
    Dig up plenty of prehistoric fun with this Dinosaur Bundle from eeBoo. Future paleontologists can piece together a 100-piece dino scene puzzle or try their hand at a round of oversized, kid-friendly dominoes. A 3D tyrannosaurus rex is easy to construct and has amazing glow in the dark bones. Items not sold separately.

    Age of the Dinosaur 100-Piece Puzzle
  • Intended or ages 5 and up
  • 18" x 27"

    Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D Dinosaur
  • Packaging transforms into backdrop
  • Dino bones glow in the dark

    Giant, Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes
  • Seven dinosaurs
  • Oversized cards for small hands
    Slide 9: Modern Art Puzzle Blox
    Modern Art Puzzle Blox
    Turn 130 colorful blocks into re-creations of 6 masterpieces of modern art—one each by Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky, Matisse, Vasarely and Herbin. Fun and educational, the surprisingly similar color combinations of the Modern Art Puzzle Blox make each artwork more challenging to put together than you would expect. Paper, plastic. Ages 10 to adult.
    Slide 10: How to Become President of the United States Double-Sided Puzzle
    How to Become President of the United States Double-Sided Puzzle
    Piece together your own path to the White House with the How to Become President double-sided puzzle. 500 ribbon-cut pieces are matte on one side and shiny on the other. The colorful and informative illustrated scene takes you from the primaries to election day and the electoral college.
    Slide 11: Button Up America Puzzle
    Button Up America Puzzle
    The Button Up America puzzle pieces together a nostalgic look at political campaign buttons. It's an interesting exploration for history buffs and political buffs alike. 500 ribbon-cut pieces complete a detailed photographic scene.