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Slide 0: Great Seal of the United States Cufflinks
Great Seal of the United States Cufflinks
Presidential seal cufflinks complete your look with patriotic pride and a bit of history, too. Crafted with blue enamel and gold plate, this pair evokes the design created by a committee of members of The Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, just a few hours after they adopted the Declaration of Independence. The committee members—Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams—prepared a very complicated design that was promptly tabled by Congress, except for one enduring feature—the motto E Pluribus Unum, "Out of Many, One."
Slide 1: NASA Rocket Scientist T-Shirt
NASA Rocket Scientist T-Shirt
Nerd out in the coolest way possible. This rocket scientist t-shirt proudly showcases a love of space and the explorers from NASA who discover and learn all about the final frontier they boldly venture into. Made with cotton in the USA, this t-shirt is ready for blast off.

Size Chart:
S = 20"w. x 27"l.
M = 21"w. x 28"l.
L = 22"w. x 29"l.
XL = 23"w. xX 30"l.
XXL = 25"w. x 31"l.
Slide 2: Einstein Neon Sketch T-Shirt
Einstein Neon Sketch T-Shirt
Tap into your own brain power with an Albert Einstein shirt. The famous physicist's iconic likeness is captured in bold neon strokes that stand out on the black T-shirt along with his quote, "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious."

Size Chart:
S = 18"w. x 26"l.
M = 20"w. x 28"l.
L = 22"w. x 29"l.
XL = 24"w. x 30"l.
XXL = 26"w. x 31"l.
Slide 3: Mr. Zip Adult T-Shirt
Mr. Zip Adult T-Shirt
Don a Mr. Zip shirt and celebrate this icon of the United States Postal Service. In the 1960's, Mr. Zip helped introduce the ZIP Code system used to ensure mail was accurately delivered across the United States. This T-shirt can be found in the collections at the National Postal Museum, too.

Size Chart:
S = 18"w. x 27.5"l.
M = 20"w. x 28.5"l.
L = 22"w. x 29"l.
XL = 26"w. x 31.5"l.
XXL = 28"w. x 32.5"l.
Slide 4: Men's Wool Sweater
Men's Wool Sweater
Ward off cool temperatures with a men’s Irish sweater made with ultra soft Merino wool. It is knitted in Ireland with a mix of traditional Aran stitches, like honeycomb that represents hard working bees and basket stitches that recall traditional fisherman's baskets. This Men's Wool Sweater is an attractive and cozy extra layer sure to keep you warm.


Size Chart:
M = 27.17"l. x 20.87"w.
L = 27.95"l. x 22.05"w.
XL = 28.35"l. x 23.23"w.
XXL = 28.74"l. x 24.41"w.
Slide 5: Girlhood Youth T-Shirt
Girlhood Youth T-Shirt
Give a girl an inspiring t-shirt that shows support for women on the rise. The initiative Girlhood: It's Complicated was made with support from the Smithsonian American Women's History Initiative. From Helen Keller to Naomi Wadler, girls have spoken up, challenged expectations, and been on the front lines of social change. Although definitions of girlhood have changed, what it means to grow up female in the United States has always been part of the American conversation.

Size Chart:
XS = 12"l. x 18"w.
S = 14"l. x 20"w.
M = 16"l. x 22"w.
L = 18"l. x 24"w.
XL = 20"l. x 26"w.
Slide 6: Men's Classic Multi-Color Socks - Four Pair
Men's Classic Multi-Color Socks - Four Pair
Who says men's socks are boring? This set of socks from Happy Feet is bright, bold, and comfy, of course. The boxed set contains four pairs in geometric patterns and stripes that are bursting with color and full of personality.
Slide 7: Native American Veterans Memorial T-Shirt
Native American Veterans Memorial T-Shirt
Native American pride is on display with this National Native American Veterans Memorial T-shirt. It celebrates the striking memorial designed by Cheyenne and Arapaho Artist Harvey Pratt and features sacred fire burning at its center with the motto First Here, First To Serve, Always Remembered. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian logo is screen printed on the T-shirt's back.

Size Chart:
Small = 28"l. x 18"w.
Medium = 29"l. x 20"w.
Large = 30"l. x 22"w.
XL = 31"l. x 24"w.
XXL = 32"l. x 26"w.
Slide 8: Smithsonian Five Stars Cap
Smithsonian Five Stars Cap
This Smithsonian Five Stars Cap is inspired by the collections at the National Museum Of American Indian. The unisex hat is made with washed cotton twill for a relaxed look and feel, and it fits most sizes.
Slide 9: Infant Crewneck Sweater
Infant Crewneck Sweater
Wee Irish eyes will be smiling when you pull on a traditional crewneck Aran sweater for babies. This cozy and dapper Infant Crewneck Sweater is made in Ireland with super soft and warm Merino wool, and it is knit with signature Aran stitches. Three buttons at the neck make for easy on-and-off changes, too.

Size Chart:
6 months = 11"l. x 9"w. (chest)
12 months = 12"l. x 10"w.
18 months = 13"l. x 11"w.
Slide 10: NMAAHC Men's Navy Quarter-Zip Jacket
NMAAHC Men's Navy Quarter-Zip Jacket
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

This NMAAHC Men's Navy Quarter-Zip Jacket is a Champion® heather jersey long-sleeved jacket featuring the NMAAHC logo. Zippered front and the zipper has plastic coil teeth. The zipper slider and puller are metal which are lead and nickel free. 80% polyester, 20% cotton. Made in Jordan.
Slide 11: Smithsonian Men's T-Shirt and Cap
Smithsonian Men's T-Shirt and Cap
This Smithsonian Men's T-Shirt and Cap is designed with the 1846 Smithsonian Institution logo. T-Shirt 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Cap 100% cotton. T-Shirt made in Honduras, cap made in China.