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American History

American History

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is responsible for the collection, care and preservation of more than three million objects. The collections reflect the breadth, depth and complexity of the experiences of the American people, from social and cultural history to the history of science, medicine and technology. Our American History Museum shop includes gifts for baseball fans, presidential memorabilia, Jacqueline Kennedy jewelry and accessories, and other products inspired by the Museum's vast collections.
Jackie Kennedy Paperclip Necklace


Vintage Time Flies Necklace and Bracelet

$55.00 - $85.00

Classic Athletic Jacket


Smithsonian Turkish Terrycloth Robe


The World in Stamps


Ancient Fishing Symbols Aloha Shirt


Vintage USA Map Tray


24k Crystal Wine Goblets


Multi-Style Leather Wrap Belt


Magnificent Royal Egg Bracelet


Interchangeable Dual-Pearl Floral Leaf Pierced Earrings


Sapphire Snowflake Bracelet and Earrings

$55.00 - $120.00

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