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Whether a simple cabochon or part of a jewelry set, we offer a variety of stylish and romantic rings of lapis, amber, and more. Our elegant settings of silver or gold are designed to create a vintage look or enhance the natural beauty of a single stone. Rings are featured in the Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals at the Natural History Museum.
Stick and Circle Ring


Smithsonian Hooker Yellow Cocktail Ring


Unity Ring


Alluring Abalone Ring


Smithsonian Emperor Maximilian Ring


Smithsonian Carmen Lúcia Ring


Amber and Roses Jewelry

$110.00 - $170.00

South Beach Amethyst Jewelry

Orig.: $100.00 - $325.00

NOW: $64.99 - $199.99

Lapis Butterfly Ring

Orig.: $100.00

NOW: $59.99

Amber Quatrefoil Jewelry

Orig.: $70.00 - $295.00

NOW: $29.99 - $99.99

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