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Gifts $100 and under

Find that perfect jewelry item, a piece of apparel, or something to accent your home with these gift ideas that are $100 or less. They reflect themes from the collections of the American History Museum, Natural History Museum, Air and Space Museum, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, among others.
Spiked Gemstone Collar Necklace


Artisan Mango Sienna Bowl


Smithsonian Lily of the Valley Arrangement


Ionia Murano Glass Jewelry Set


Audrey Crystal Blossom Bracelet and Earrings

$85.00 - $100.00

Crystal "Breakfast" Brooch


Lapis Teardrop Fan Jewelry Set


Smithsonian Wildflowers Scarf


Baltic Amber Honeybee Pin


Smithsonian Fragrant Fall Swag/Centerpiece


Zen Garden Preserved Bonsai


Hand-Painted Chinese Beauties

Orig.: $90.00

NOW: $69.99

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