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We offer a wide selection of stud, dangle and chandelier earrings in both pierced and clip styles. From pearls to gemstones, enamel, crystal and glass, our collection includes both classic and contemporary selections, hand crafted natural stones, and beautiful contemporary designs. Gemstones and jewelry, including earrings, are found in the National Gem Collection and other Smithsonian museums, including the Natural History Museum, American History Museum and American Indian Museum.
Vintage Nature Lover Pierced Earrings


Jackie Kennedy Interchangeable Dual Faux Pearl Floral Leaf Pierced Earrings


Baltic Amber Pierced Calla Lilies Earrings


Sterling Silver Cat and Moon Pierced Earrings


Amethyst Wave Jewelry

$100.00 - $140.00

Purple Pearl Blossom Jewelry

$25.00 - $95.00

Butterfly Garden Illusion Necklace and Earrings

$50.00 - $190.00

Murano Glass Garland Jewelry

$90.00 - $200.00

Blushing Pink Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set


Smithsonian Sublime Sakura Jewelry

$35.00 - $125.00

14K Pearl Blossom Pendant Necklace and Earrings

$65.00 - $145.00

Murano Glass Necklace and Earrings

$30.00 - $150.00

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