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Gifts for Her

Birthday, anniversary, holiday or just because - a beautiful crystal butterfly pin, faux pearl bracelet, or necklace of amber or agate can make any occasion special. Explore our collection of Gifts for Her to find the perfect silk scarf, gorgeous tote bag, bangle, bowl or vase.
Autumn Waterglobe


Winter Waterglobe


Agate Slice Necklaces


Sashiko-Stitched Vest


Magnificent Royal Egg Bracelet


Interchangeable Dual-Pearl Floral Leaf Pierced Earrings


Sapphire Snowflake Bracelet and Earrings

$55.00 - $120.00

Merry Holiday Bells Pin


Merry Holiday Wreath Pin


Four Seasons Waterglobes


Cat in the Garden Scarf


Amber Honeybee Necklace


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