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Ultra Plush Postal Museum Owney Dog

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Who wouldn’t love to hold and snuggle with this adorable Ultra Plush Postal Museum Owney Dog, unofficial mascot of Railway mail clerks in the late 1800s? Wearing a removable brown vest with red trim and plaid lining and a black collar with a foam Owney name tag, Ultra Plush Owney Dog comes with a hang tag (attached to his right ear) featuring a short history of Owney. Not posable. Polyester fabric. Plastic eyes and nose. Imported.
This Ultra Plush Owney Dog honors the scruffy mutt who became a regular fixture at the Albany, New York post office in 1888. Attracted to the texture or the scent of mailbags, Owney followed the bags onto mail wagons, then mail trains—soon riding with the bags on Railway Post Office train cars across the state... and then the country. Because no train Owney rode ever had a wreck, railway mail clerks considered Owney a good luck charm and their unofficial mascot. The mail clerks marked his travels by placing medals and tags on his collar. After his death in June 1897, they raised funds to have Owney preserved. He was donated to the Smithsonian Institution in 1911 by the Post Office Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. Wearing his harness and surrounded by several of his tags, Owney is displayed in the National Postal Museum’s atrium.
8"h. x 10"l.

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February 15, 2020
"I bought one and need another, but it is unavailable. When will it be in stock. Thank you."