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Smithsonian Civil War in 3D: The Life and Death of the Soldier
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Explore the compelling story of everyday life for Confederate and Union soldiers—what they ate, where they slept, and how they filled the long hours before battle—through their letters and diaries with Smithsonian Civil War in 3D: The Life and Death of the Soldier.
3D images culled from our National Museum of American History’s collection of stereoscopic photographs brings their story to life.
Paperback, 176 pages with 35 3D photographs and plastic viewer. 7.75"w x 9.75"h.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Singer13
Madison, NJ
January 02, 2016
"I am a long-time photographer and history buff, with special interest in the Civil War as I grew up in Virginia, where so much of it happened. I finally treated myself to this collection when it went on sale."
By History Buff in PA
35 miles from Gettysburg
December 26, 2014
"I was excited to receive this as a gift until I opened it and began to look at the stereoscopic images. The stereoscopic apparatus is very inferior and does not allow for proper adjustment for viewing the images and the majority of the images are not high resolution and therefore, all together, nullify 50% of the promotion of this item,i.e. "Civil War in 3D." The images taken with the dry plate negative cameras of the CW-era rival 21st century images for clarity, resolution, and detail. The images included in this packaged deal actually look somewhat better when viewed with an original Victorian-era stereograph, even though the pictures have to be hand held to view them, due their smaller dimensions. The book looks promising and is most likely the best part of the whole combination. I am anxious to read the excerpts from the soldiers' letters."
By Civil War Fan
New Jersey
November 19, 2014
"My son is studying the Civil War in school and I wanted to find an illustrated book about the life of the soldier. I was surprised at how little is available. There are some great narratives, such as THE LIFE OF JOHNNY REB, but not a lot with photos and illustrations, which I thought would help make it feel real to him. The book and stereograph set fits the bill. The text is mainly comprised of excerpts from soldiers and the images focus on the day to day, which fascinating. He and I pored over it together and I think he has a whole new appreciation for the war."
By Bill
Rochester, NY
October 28, 2014
"Overall, this is a fine set. It has an easy-to-use 3-D viewer and a large number of stereo views from the Civil War era. Anyone interested in the Civil War and stereo views of it should enjoy this set. Be aware that the viewer and slides are much smaller than the format standard during the Civil War and later. Whoever wrote the texts on the back of the slides and in the included book was not familiar with Civil War weapons. An obvious Parrott Rifle, in a battery of these guns, is identified as a 12 pounder Napoleon. Prof. Lowe's hydrogen balloon, Intrepid, is implied to be a hot-air balloon. In the book, a revolver is called a Colt model that is obviously not. The civilian target rifle used by the sharpshooter in Winslow Homer's famous painting is misidentified as a British Whitworth military rifle."