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Semiprecious Pastel Gem Bracelet Set
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Semiprecious with attitude, each stylish stretch bracelet of this Semiprecious Pastel Gem Bracelet Set is beaded with polished gemstones—aventurine, butter jade, and rose quartz. Each gemstone is accented with a tassel, a textured circle charm, and a matching gem. Set of 3, as shown. Natural variations will occur.
This Semiprecious Pastel Gem Bracelet Set celebrates aventurine, jade and rose quartz—many fine specimens of which are held in our National Gem Collection at our National Museum of Natural History. One of the greatest collections of its kind, the National Gem and Mineral Collection includes over 375,000 individual specimens and treasured jewelry pieces.
Each, 7-8". Gently stretches to fit most wrists.
Sometimes mistaken for jade, aventurine is a compact variety of translucent to opaque quartz. Small inclusions of shiny minerals give this stone a sparkling effect, called aventurescence. Typically green, aventurine can also be peach, brown, or blue.

Symbolizing nobility, perfection and immortality in Chinese culture, jade is a general name for two different minerals—jadeite and nephrite. Though nearly identical in appearance, jadeite and nephrite have distinctly different compositions. Rarer jadeite is usually a vivid green, but can also be lavender, red, orange, yellow, brown, white, black or gray. Nephrite ranges from creamy white to green to almost black.

The rosy pink variety of crystalline quartz, rose quartz ranges in color from pale to medium pink. Rose quartz beads date back to 7000 BCE Mesopotamia. Rose quartz amulets of the early Americas were thought to balance the emotions.

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