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NASA Mission Patches Jigsaw Puzzle
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Piece together all 1000 pieces of this NASA Mission Patches Puzzle and discover the strikingly different patch designs each astronaut crew created to commemorate its flight. In addition to elements depicting various phases of a mission, NASA patch designs usually included the names of the crew, the name of the space vehicle, and the mission number. Pressed paper.
Our National Air and Space Museum is currently marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions—especially the first moon landing on July 20, 1969—with a special exhibition Apollo to the Moon, the story of human exploration of the moon by the United States. The exhibition features an unparalleled display of artifacts from Apollo and earlier missions, including a huge F-1 rocket engine, a scale model of the Saturn V rocket, space food, and personal items that the astronauts took with them into space. The gallery also displays Air and Space Museum treasures: spacesuits worn by Apollo astronauts on the Moon.

Additionally, the Air and Space Museum will help lead a national celebration of this milestone Apollo anniversary with a number of other special exhibits and activities. The traveling exhibition Destination Moon is currently on a two-year tour. The newly conserved Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 spacesuit will be displayed again for the first time in 13 years in July 2019. The culmination of this year-long celebration will be a five-day event (July 16-20, 2019) on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Assembled: 20" x 28". Ages 14 and up.

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