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Garnet Snowdrop Ring
Item #44174
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Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Alluring and feminine, a faceted garnet graces this Garnet Snowdrop Ring. The ring is prong-set with a large faceted garnet solitaire and cubic zirconia accents. Gold-plated sterling silver ring band.
Evoking garnet gems and jewelry in our National Gem Collection, this Garnet Snowdrop Ring is an elegant 21st century presentation of a gem that was prized by ancient civilizations. In Victorian jewelry, cut and faceted garnets were commonly mounted in intricate settings of gold and silver.
Most often reddish in color, garnets (rock-forming minerals with a crystal structure) are actually a family of 15 distinct minerals in colors of every shade with the exception of blue. Five are commonly used as gemstones. The most popular garnets are pyrope (usually dark red) and rhodolite (raspberry red or purplish-red). Garnet is the official birthstone for January.

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