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"Caribbean Amber" Pierced Earrings
Item #50130
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Translucent romance, these "Caribbean Amber" Pierced Earrings showcase the dazzling beauty of “Caribbean amber”—a gorgeous replication of rare fluorescent green Dominican amber, painstakingly created from Colombian copal by Lithuanian jewelers. The teardrop dangles feature French wires. Natural variations will occur.
Though 40-60 million-year-old Baltic amber is renowned for its glowing beauty, younger 20-40 million-year-old Dominican amber is prized for its stunning fluorescent blues and greens evocative of the Caribbean Sea. Saluting this rare translucent beauty, Lithuanian jewelers developed a complex and expensive process to replicate its stunning green hue. Made from younger Mesoamerican amber, or copal, the dazzling result is making its Smithsonian debut in this extraordinary collection—each piece a magnificent reflection of the numerous amber specimens, beads, carvings and jewelry held in our National Museum of Natural History’s Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals.
Prized since the Stone Age, treasured by ancient civilizations, and coveted by 18th- and 19th-century European monarchs, amber (particularly 40,000-50,000 year-old Baltic amber) is still highly valued for its natural translucence. A glowing organic gemstone (naturally occurring in various shades of brown, yellow, or green), amber is actually the fossilized resin of prehistoric trees. Natural inclusions such as plant life or insects increase its worth.

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By B
September 02, 2017
"I have a brooch and this goes with it so well.....Green is not seen so much. Lots of compliments...."