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14K Dainty Long Dangle Drop Earrings
Item #42375
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Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Exquisitely feminine, these 14K Dainty Long Dangle Drop Earrings elevate your look. Jeweled with garnets, tourmaline, and faceted carnelian, these semiprecious beauties are destined to become family heirlooms. Natural variations will occur.
These 14K Dainty Long Dangle Drop Earrings celebrate pyrope garnets, tourmaline gems, and carnelian jewelry in our National Gem Collection.
Most often reddish in color, garnets (rock-forming minerals with a crystal structure) are actually a family of 15 distinct minerals in colors of every shade with the exception of blue. Five are commonly used as gemstones. The most popular garnets are pyrope (usually dark red) and rhodolite (raspberry red or purplish-red). Garnet is the official birthstone for January.

The most colorful of all gemstones, tourmaline is in fact a family of 14 distinct minerals. Best known in shades of green and red, it occurs in every color from colorless to black or as a single stone with several distinct colors. Tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for the zodiac sign of Leo.

Carnelian is a variety of semiprecious quartz with a brownish red to orange color. One of the oldest know gemstones, carnelian was prized by nobility throughout antiquity. Carnelian is believed to bring good luck to its wearer.

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