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Clothing & Accessories

Our selections of shirts, jackets, scarves, and neckties are inspired by the art, design and historical collections of the Smithsonian Institution. Beautifully embroidered coats, silk scarves and stylish totes are great additions to any wardrobe. Clothing and accessories are featured in several collections at our American History Museum.
Mount Fuji Cherry Blossom Yukata


Fringed Cascade Cardi


Edo Shawl-Collar Cardigan


Stormy Sea Scarf


Stars and Stripes Wrap


Two-in-One Cape & Scarf


Birds of Brilliance Silk Scarf


Exotic Paisley Tunic


Smartphone Charger Wristlet


Falling Squares Silk Scarf


Plaid Hooded Wrap


Scarlet Paisley Jacquard Shawl


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