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Gemstone Power Bracelets

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Power to the People. A Gemstone Power Bracelet for every need. According to ancient belief, gemstones worn against the skin impart special benefits. Six of these 7mm-bead Gemstone Power Bracelets are respectively strung with these semiprecious stones—hematite for healing, aventurine for confidence, amethyst for relaxation, rose quartz for compassion, tiger’s-eye for mental focus, reconstituted turquoise to cleanse energy centers. Multiple stones bead the seventh Gemstone Power Bracelet. Presented in a velvet pouch. Stretch-style bracelets are 6.5". Set of 7 includes one of each gemstone composition. Natural variations ensure each Gemstone Power Bracelet will be one of a kind.  6.5"

Museum Provenance

The semiprecious stones of these Gemstone Power Bracelets are directly inspired by the extensive holdings displayed in our National Museum of Natural History’s Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals and curated by the National Gem Collection. Established in 1884, the National Gem Collection is renowned for its breadth of world-class precious gemstones, including the celebrated Hope Diamond.

Every Smithsonian purchase will arrive with a museum provenance card explaining how it is adapted from or inspired by an object or objects in our collection.

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