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Kitchen Kitsch is to dining what graphic novels are to the literary world—a delectable guilty pleasure. Inspired by countless pop-culture culinary aids, servers, and textiles in our National Museum of American History’s Division of Home and Community Life we offer you wonderfully curated delights to tickle your fancy.
Coca-Cola® Picnic Cooler


Winter Garden Wreath Linens

Orig.: $48.00 - $74.00

NOW: $28.99 - $29.99

Smell of Christmas Potpourri

Orig.: $25.00

NOW: $12.99

Winter Birds Dinner Mats

Orig.: $60.00

NOW: $29.99

Winter Birds Coasters

Orig.: $25.00

NOW: $11.99

Yixing Lotus Leaf Teapot

Orig.: $120.00

NOW: $89.99

Inverted Thistle Glass Cake Plate

Orig.: $80.00

NOW: $59.99

Yixing Green Leaf Teapot

Orig.: $100.00

NOW: $74.99

Sweet Shop Cake Medium White Pedestal

Orig.: $85.00

NOW: $49.99

Butterfly Napkin Rings

Orig.: $39.00

NOW: $24.99

Romantic Rose Teapot

Orig.: $80.00

NOW: $59.99

Classic Bundt® Pan

Orig.: $24.00

NOW: $14.99

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