History of the World in 1,000 Objects

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In History of the World in 1,000 Objects, discover how humans created their world from the objects they left behind. From the U.S. Constitution to the first iPhone, what has defined us is our talent for making things, from basic technology and everyday objects. With stunning, exclusive photography, this book highlights the objects our ancestors treasured, from the jewelry worn by the Mesopotamians to the prized ritual vessels used by the people of the Shang Dynasty, to give readers insight into what gave each culture its own identity.

Museum Story

The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is the world's preeminent museum and research complex dedicated to inspiring curiosity, discovery, and learning about the natural world through its unparalleled research, collections, exhibitions and educational outreach programs.


  • 480 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 11.4" x 9.6"
  • Written by DK and Smithsonian Institution