Floral Lacquer Box

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This Floral Lacquer Box showcases the glorious art of Chinese lacquerware. In contrast to the lid, the front of this box is decorated with peaches, which symbolize long life in Chinese culture. Exquisitely decorative, this latched box can organize jewelry, pens, desktop necessities, and more. Unlined. Wood. Made in China.

Museum Story

Lacquerware is an important art form believed to date to China's Shang dynasty (1600 – 1046 BCE). Our Freer Gallery of Art—which curates one of the world's most important collections of Asian art—contains a large number of lacquerware boxes, many a gift from Charles Lang Freer, who also donated the Freer Gallery to the Smithsonian.


10"l. x 10"w. x 3.2"h.