Cloisonné Poinsettia Ball Ornament

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Your Christmas tree looks extra festive with this Cloisonné Poinsettia Ball Ornament hanging from its branches. Cloisonné is a centuries-old enameling technique. Enamel is glazed over copper at a high temperature and plated with 22 karat gold. It's a labor-intensive process that results in a striking and elegant ornament.

Museum Story

An art form originating in the Middle East and elevated in China, after its arrival there in the 13th and 14th centuries, the cloisonné technique adorns copper or bronze objects with copper wire designs. The resulting cells are then filled with enamel, fired in a kiln and polished, creating a harmonious contrast between the gleaming metal and the jewel-hued enamel. This item is reminiscent of cloisonné found in our National Museum of Natural History’s Asian ethnological collections.


  • 2.85"dia.
  • Gift box included
  • Made in China