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Slide 0: Standing Plush Elephant
Standing Plush Elephant
This oh-so-huggable Standing Plush Elephant is eager to become a youngster’s stalwart pal. The large ears of this Standing Plush Elephant identify it as an African rather than an Asian elephant. (Did you know that African elephant ears are also used as protection from potential threats?) Imported.
Slide 1: Jumbo Plush Tiger
Jumbo Plush Tiger
There’s lots to love and cuddle with this exceptionally realistic Jumbo Plush Tiger. With adorable facial features, wonderful coloring and luxuriously soft, thick faux fur this Jumbo Plush Tiger will win your heart. Comes with educational hang tag. Imported.
Slide 2: Jumbo Plush Wolf
Jumbo Plush Wolf
Ready to play at a moment’s notice, this wonderfully realistic Jumbo Plush Wolf with luxuriously soft, faux fur is simply too cuddly to resist. Adorable facial features and wonderful coloring make this Jumbo Plush Wolf a must-have for child or adult. Comes with educational hang tag. Imported.
Slide 3: 18" Plush Tiger
18" Plush Tiger
With such an innocent face, this 18" Plush Tiger will be the huggable love of any young one’s life. Reminding us of the Smithsonian National Zoo’s three Sumatran tigers, this adorable tiger is ready to be anyone’s main squeeze. Polyester. Imported.
Slide 4: Plush Panda Bear with Cub
Plush Panda Bear with Cub
Made with exceptional attention to detail, this precious Plush Panda Bear with Cub features soft, huggable bodies of silky plush. Realistically styled, this Plush Panda Bear with Cub will be a comfort and joy for years to come. Imported.
Slide 5: Smithsonian Bei Bei Plush Panda
Smithsonian Bei Bei Plush Panda
This super cute celebration of the Smithsonian National Zoo’s youngest panda cub is a Smithsonian-licensed Bei Bei Plush Panda with a “bamboo” leaf. Eager to eat, sleep and play with you, this Smithsonian Bei Bei Plush Panda is absolutely adorable. Imported.
Slide 6: Plush Panda Backpack
Plush Panda Backpack
What could be more fun than this soft, cuddly Plush Panda Backpack for stashing snacks, show-and-tell items, or schoolwork to share with Mom and Dad? Designed with a full-closure zipper and 2 straps for easy carrying, this fully lined Plush Panda Backpack is made of soft swirl polyester. Imported.
Slide 7: Corduroy Plush Lion
Corduroy Plush Lion
Huggable love without the roar, this Corduroy Plush Lion is wild to be your best friend forever. Made from super soft wide wale corduroy, the eyes of this darling Corduroy Plush Lion are sewn-in, making him entirely infant-safe. Imported.
Slide 8: Jackson Pop-Art Plush Panda
Jackson Pop-Art Plush Panda
Warm and cuddly, like the Giant Pandas at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Jackson Pop-Art Plush Panda with his soft plush tummy and ears just wants to give you a hug. Designed by pop artist Romero Britto, Jackson Pop-Art Plush Panda’s vivid, multi-pattern coat has fabric exteriors, sewn-on-eyes, and polyester filling. Imported. Meets or exceeds government safety regulations.
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