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Slide 0: 12" Plush Sloth Bear
12" Plush Sloth Bear
Look at that adorable face! Exceptionally realistic and extremely durable, this softly stuffed 12" Plush Sloth Bear with its luxurious faux fur coat is meant for a lifetime of hugs. Handcrafted with child safe materials. Educational hang tag included. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 1: 5.5" Plush Beanbag Wolf
5.5" Plush Beanbag Wolf
Just super cute! This heirloom quality 5.5" Plush Beanbag Wolf has been designed with great attention to detail. Sure to be treasured... forever... this adorable wolf is made with poly plush. Imported.
Slide 2: 9.5" Small Plush Wolf
9.5" Small Plush Wolf
With its beautifully shaped and adorably detailed face, this exceptionally realistic 9.5" Small Plush Wolf invites lots of hugs and cuddles. This squeezable pal is approved for ages 3 and up. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 3: 15" Plush Red Panda
15" Plush Red Panda
Individually and meticulously handcrafted from a portrait of a red panda in its natural habitat, this heirloom-quality 15" Plush Red Panda with its soft paws, swishing tail, soulful eyes, and precisely cut fur will express a unique personality. Exceptionally life-like, this cuddly red panda comes with an educational red panda fact tag. High-pile modacrylic fur with polyester backing. Imported.
Slide 4: 8" Plush Kiwi
8" Plush Kiwi
This adorable and incredibly lifelike 8" Plush Kiwi with hand-finished face is crafted for a lifetime of cuddling. Hand-sewn from hand cut fabric, this cutie pie's specific characteristic come alive with remarkable accuracy. Did we mention its soulful eyes? Comes with educational kiwi fact tag. High-pile modacrylic fur with polyester backing. Imported.
Slide 5: 12" Corduroy Plush Panda
12" Corduroy Plush Panda
Just look at the welcoming smile of this 12" Corduroy Plush Panda! Clearly this adorable stuffed panda is eager to be best friends. Made of super soft corduroy (with wide wales for easier gripping) and embroidered eyes, this Corduroy Plush Panda will bring nothing but smiles to precious little ones... and a few of us older folk who can't resist utter cuteness. Polyester/Nylon. Embroidered eyes. Imported.
Slide 6: Portable Plush Wild Animal House
Portable Plush Wild Animal House
Kids will love tucking in and taking out the three cuddly soft finger puppet animals (an elephant, a lion, and a tiger) of this Portable Plush Wild Animal House. A carrying handle makes it equally easy to play on the go. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 7: 12" Plush Red Panda
12" Plush Red Panda
Irresistibly huggable, super soft yet durable, this authentically colored and shaped 12" Plush Red Panda would love to be your pal. Check out its tail? Swish. Comes with educational red panda fact tag. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 8: 12" Plush Meerkat
12" Plush Meerkat
Surely one of the cutest stuffed animals around, this 12" Plush Meerkat is authentically colored and shaped. Kids will love cuddling and hugging this adorable friend at bedtime and playtime. As durable as it is enchanting, this darling, thick-furred plush meerkat features ultra-soft stuffing. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 9: 12" Plush Baby Lion
12" Plush Baby Lion
Awww. So cute! This high quality 12" Plush Baby Lion is simply adorable. Super huggable AND durable, this plush baby lion is authentically colored and shaped. Comes with educational lion fact tag. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 10: 15" Plush Large Panda
15" Plush Large Panda
Who could refuse a home to this soulful 15" Plush Large Panda? Authentically shaped and colored, this great big super huggable playmate is ultra-soft. Exceptionally detailed, this lovable panda is designed to sit or stand. Comes with educational panda fact tag. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 11: 30" Sitting Plush Wolf
30" Sitting Plush Wolf
This 30" Sitting Plush Wolf is so-o-o-o soft! Wonderfully realistic, this super pet-able leader of the pack with its ultra-long variegated fur and soft muzzle, ears and paws invites lots of cuddles and hugs. Poly plush. Imported.
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