Natural History

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Slide 0: Murano Glass Aquarium
Murano Glass Aquarium
(Originally $220.00)

Experience the tranquil pleasure of a tropical fish aquarium without the need for feeding and maintenance. Beautifully expressing the strong tie between the tiny islands of Venice and the briny lagoon in which they reside, this Murano Glass Aquarium is handmade by Murano glass blowers. Colorful fish, underwater reeds, and decorations are created from glass rods, called murrina, then skillfully embedded (while nearly molten) within the glass “tank” of this enchanting Murano Glass Aquarium. The result is a masterful illusion of movement made more vibrant and magical in natural light. Each will vary, making it truly one-of-a-kind.
Slide 1: Children's Dino Fossil Costumes
Children's Dino Fossil Costumes
Youngsters will adore dressing up as a mighty stegosaurus, triceratops, or T. rex. Footed jumpsuits are complemented by mitts and a soft hood. Hook and loop closures for easy on and off with these Children's Dino Fossil Costumes. Polyester. Imported.

T. Rex

Slide 2: Amber Sphere Pierced Earrings
Amber Sphere Pierced Earrings
Sleek and sophisticated, the long sloped pendants of the dangles culminate in elegant spheres of honey Baltic amber. Sterling silver pendants and findings. Amber spheres are 14-15mm. Natural variations will occur with these Amber Sphere Pierced Earrings.
Slide 3: Amber Sphere Necklace
Amber Sphere Necklace
Sleek and sophisticated, the long sloped pendants of the necklace culminate in elegant spheres of honey Baltic amber. Sterling silver pendant, necklace chain, and findings. Amber spheres are 14-15mm. Natural variations will occur with this Amber Sphere Necklace.
Slide 4: Reversible Floral-Striped Poncho Wrap
Reversible Floral-Striped Poncho Wrap
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

This beautiful alpaca-blend Reversible Floral-Striped Poncho Wrap reverses to a tan background, featuring a different pattern on each side. Alpaca/Acrylic. Made in Peru.
Slide 5: Faceted Amber Nuggets Necklace
Faceted Amber Nuggets Necklace
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Polished freeform nuggets of cognac Baltic amber—each uniquely faceted by Lithuanian amber artisans—bead this stunning hand-knotted Faceted Amber Nuggets Necklace. Screw-on clasp. Natural variations will occur.
Slide 6: Amber Sunburst Pendant Necklace
Amber Sunburst Pendant Necklace
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Radiant in design, translucent in nature’s own colors, cabochons of green, lemon, and cognac Baltic amber form a magnificent sunburst within a lacy gold-plated setting. Gold-plated Italian chain. Natural variations will occur with this Amber Sunburst Pendant Necklace.
Slide 7: Reversible Flower-Embroidered Alpaca-Blend Cardigan
Reversible Flower-Embroidered Alpaca-Blend Cardigan
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Handcrafted by Peruvian artisans, this casually elegant sweater is lyrically hand-embroidered, front and back, with charming floral designs. This Reversible Flower-Embroidered Alpaca-Blend Cardigan reverses from blue to black, with embroidery on both sides. Figure-skimming shape with single-button closure. Alpaca/Acrylic. Made in Peru.
Slide 8: Bora Bora Pierced Earrings
Bora Bora Pierced Earrings
A mesmerizing pair of handmade glass circles—evoking the turquoise hues of sun-pierced lagoons of the South Pacific—culminates the sterling silver earwires of these Bora Bora Pierced Earrings.
Slide 9: Bora Bora Necklace
Bora Bora Necklace
A mesmerizing trio of handmade glass circles—evoking the lapis and turquoise hues of sun-pierced lagoons of the South Pacific—culminates the sterling silver flat cable chain of this Bora Bora Necklace.
Slide 10: Dinosaur Night Lamps
Dinosaur Night Lamps
These fearsome creatures will delight youngsters, while their terrifying reputations and soft glow scare away frightening thoughts and unexplained noises in the night. Each of these Dinosaur Night Lamps takes one 7W bulb (included). On/off switch on power cord. Poly resin.


Slide 11: Zippered Alpine Alpaca Vest
Zippered Alpine Alpaca Vest
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Hand-knit in bouclé alpaca yarns, this nubby textured layering piece is delightfully soft, warm, and lightweight. Ribbed-knit wool trims the slit side pockets and zippered front. Alpaca, wool, nylon. This Zippered Alpine Alpaca Vest is handmade in Peru.
Slide 12: Cloisonné Butterfly Magnets
Cloisonné Butterfly Magnets
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Adorn your refrigerator (or any metal surface) with this fanciful quartet of hand-enameled Cloisonné Butterfly Magnets—each uniquely shaped and individually patterned. Butterflies are symbols of joy in Chinese culture. Set of 4.
Slide 13: Cloisonné Butterfly Boxes
Cloisonné Butterfly Boxes
More Than Meets the Eye. Corral your mints, pills or earrings in these elegant hinged Cloisonné Butterfly Boxes. Richly hand-enameled over copper with brass bezel and beading. Set of 6.
Slide 14: A World of Butterflies
A World of Butterflies
Discover a world of fleeting beauty and pattern, captured in 245 breathtaking, full color close-ups by retired National Museum of Natural History naturalist/researcher, Kjell Sandved. Gorgeous on the coffee table, small enough for a field trip. Includes habitat, range and habits of each butterfly.
Slide 15: Gemstone Power Bracelets
Gemstone Power Bracelets
Power to the People. A Gemstone Power Bracelet for every need. According to ancient belief, gemstones worn against the skin impart special benefits. Six of these 7mm-bead Gemstone Power Bracelets are respectively strung with these semiprecious stones—hematite for healing, aventurine for confidence, amethyst for relaxation, rose quartz for compassion, tiger’s-eye for mental focus, reconstituted turquoise to cleanse energy centers. Multiple stones bead the seventh Gemstone Power Bracelet. Presented in a velvet pouch. Stretch-style bracelets are 6.5". Set of 7 includes one of each gemstone composition. Natural variations ensure each Gemstone Power Bracelet will be one of a kind.


Slide 16: Smithsonian Gem
Smithsonian Gem
From royalty and film stars to thieves and curses, this is a dazzling and comprehensive visual guide to the world’s most precious rocks and minerals. Smithsonian Gem interweaves glorious images, natural history, mythology and intriguing true stories.
Slide 17: Smithsonian Kids Dino Tablet
Smithsonian Kids Dino Tablet
This sleek high-tech looking Smithsonian Kids Dino Tablet features 21 smooth touch-sensitive icons with 4 fun games to teach young ones all about 15 dinosaurs. In Discovery Mode, kids learn the meaning of their names, the sounds they make, what they ate and lots of fun facts. In Quiz Mode, kids find the requested dinosaur, or answer True/False questions. Tablet takes two AA batteries (included). Comes with an instruction manual. Intended for ages 4 and older. This Smithsonian Kids Dino Tablet was the winner of the 2012 Creative Child Awards Program as GAME OF THE YEAR in the Educational Electronic Games category.
Slide 18: Portable Plush Wild Animal House
Portable Plush Wild Animal House
Kids will love tucking in and taking out of this handcrafted Portable Plush Wild Animal House five cuddly soft wild cats—a lion, brown tiger, white tiger, cheetah, and panther. A carrying handle makes it equally easy to play with this Portable Plush Wild Animal House on-the-go. Poly plush. Imported.
Slide 19: Baltic Amber Paisley Necklace
Baltic Amber Paisley Necklace
The exceptional artistry of Polish jewelers is evidenced in this lyrical scroll-and-teardrop pendant set with translucent gems of perfectly shaped, honey Baltic amber. Sterling silver setting, snake chain, and lobster clasp. Natural amber variations will occur this Baltic Amber Paisley Necklace.
Slide 20: Baltic Amber Paisley Pierced Earrings
Baltic Amber Paisley Pierced Earrings
The exceptional artistry of Polish jewelers is evidenced in these lyrical scroll-and-teardrop pendants set with translucent gems of perfectly shaped, honey Baltic amber. Sterling silver settings and leverbacks. Natural amber variations will occur these Baltic Amber Paisley Pierced Earrings.
Slide 21: Rose Crystal Snowglobe
Rose Crystal Snowglobe
Find serenity as you watch pure white “snow” gently fall over rose crystals. Evocative of rose quartz—a gem that is said to encourage calm—this tranquil Rose Crystal Snowglobe is made of glass and resin. Padded underside. Do not leave in direct sunlight.
Slide 22: Baltic Amber Honeybee Pin
Baltic Amber Honeybee Pin
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

A brilliant marriage of natural elements, the head and tail of this Baltic Amber Honeybee Pin is delicately fashioned from gem-quality Baltic amber in delectable shades of cognac and butterscotch. The finely wrought body and openwork wings are oxidized sterling silver. Natural variations will occur.
Slide 23: Smithsonian Dinosaur
Smithsonian Dinosaur
This spellbinding guide presents fossils, sea creatures, wooly mammoths, Neanderthals, insects and more in photorealistic, computer-generated images with detailed cross-sections and cutaways. Packed with fun facts, Smithsonian Dinosaur! brings the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Eras to life.
Slide 24: Gemstone Bonsai
Gemstone Bonsai
Firmly rooted in genuine amethyst, this enchanting Gemstone Bonsai with copper roots, trunk and branches bears gemstones rather than leaves or fruit. Natural variations will occur.
Slide 25: Baltic Amber Calla Lily Necklace
Baltic Amber Calla Lily Necklace
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

With sleek sterling silver settings culminating in organically shaped beads of Baltic amber, this graceful Baltic Amber Calla Lily Necklace lets you accessorize with flirtatious understatement. Sterling silver, Italian-made snake chain and findings. Natural variations will occur.
Slide 26: Baltic Amber Pussycat Necklace
Baltic Amber Pussycat Necklace
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Studded with gem quality Baltic amber—her beautiful green eyes and her elegant cognac back jewels—this Baltic Amber Pussycat Necklace with cute whiskers and contrasting “fur” makes a major feline style statement. Handcrafted by highly skilled Polish jewelers, the large 4"l. pendant is presented on an 18"l. omega chain with lobster clasp. Sterling silver chain, pendant and findings. Natural variations will occur.


Slide 27: Gypsy Paisley Shawl
Gypsy Paisley Shawl
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Make this joyous pastiche of color and pattern your signature accessory. Jacquard-loomed with starburst medallions, paisleys and arabesques, its generous size and reversible weave maximize its versatility as a multi-style wrap or stunning sofa throw. (Changing the drape lets you feature different colors.) This Gypsy Paisley Shawl is made of 100% lightweight merino wool. Loomed in India.
Slide 28: One-of-a-Kind Agate Coasters
One-of-a-Kind Agate Coasters
Make a conversational splash with these showstopper One-of-a-Kind Agate Coasters. Made of genuine agate—a semiprecious stone that the ancients believed would guard against danger—the One-of-a-Kind Agate Coasters for each set are selected for their shape, pattern and translucency and enhanced to maximize their rich colors. Happily, each will vary in size, shape and color, making your set truly unique. Assembled in the U.S.A. with rubber feet on the underside.
Slide 29: Sea Turtle on Coral Sculpture
Sea Turtle on Coral Sculpture
Exceptionally artistic and perfectly balanced, this heavyweight solid brass Sea Turtle on Coral Sculpture—a sea turtle appearing to swim below the surface of the ocean—is hand cast using the ancient lost-wax technique. Marble base. Protected underside.
Slide 30: Banded Travertine Bud Vase
Banded Travertine Bud Vase
Popular since antiquity for its warm tones and beautiful markings, natural travertine has been hand shaped and polished to create this handsome Banded Travertine Bud Vase. Natural variations will occur.
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