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Slide 0: Smithsonian Red Porcelain Ginger Jar and Wooden Stand
Smithsonian Red Porcelain Ginger Jar and Wooden Stand
Was: $175.00 Now: $129.99
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

This Smithsonian-commissioned Red Porcelain Ginger Jar and Wooden Stand is beautifully hand painted with a graceful floral motif. Originally used to store herbs, salt, oil, or costly ginger, display this magnificent objet on a foyer credenza or living room sofa table. Porcelain.
Slide 1: Smithsonian Peony "Celadon" Porcelain Urn
Smithsonian Peony "Celadon" Porcelain Urn
Was: $250.00 Now: $174.99
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Exquisitely hand carved to create the exceptionally graceful bas relief peony exterior, this striking Smithsonian Peony "Celadon" Porcelain Urn was shaped in a handcrafted mold, fired, then glazed in soothing "celadon" green.

Additional $9.95 for delivery.
Slide 2: Porcelain Dragon Planter
Porcelain Dragon Planter
The traditional flower-and-dragon motif of this beautiful Porcelain Dragon Planter features both hand painted and decal designs. Porcelain planter with drainage holes includes saucer. Indoor use only.
Slide 3: Square Porcelain Ikebana Vase
Square Porcelain Ikebana Vase
Array flowers in the ikebana tradition with this Square Porcelain Ikebana Vase. Fitted with a permanent steel frog, the increased water flow to the blossoms it secures will keep them fresh up to 3 weeks. Kiln fired in Maine by Georgetown Pottery. Each porcelain vase will vary slightly.
Slide 4: Diana Lewis Garcia Seed Pot
Diana Lewis Garcia Seed Pot
A specialist in handmade seed jars, Diana Lewis Garcia of the Acoma Pueblo made this Seed Pot by hand-coiling its shape. She then painted the intricate design with natural pigments (gathered from within the Acoma Pueblo) with a brush fashioned from a yucca plant. A one-of-a-kind artwork, this exquisite, outdoor-fired Diana Lewis Garcia Seed Pot beautifully represents ancient Acoma pottery traditions. Handcrafted in New Mexico.
Slide 5: Rose Pacheco Pot
Rose Pacheco Pot
Hand-built from coils of locally gathered clay, this one-of-a-kind Rose Pacheco Pot is hand-painted with traditional Santo Domingo geometric motifs. Using a yucca brush and natural pigments, she applies the polychrome designs. A Santo Domingo Pueblo artist, Rose Pacheco fires her polychrome Pot over an open, outdoor kiln. An egg white finish imparts a glossy sheen. Handcrafted in New Mexico.
Slide 6: Denise Chavarria Blackware Vase
Denise Chavarria Blackware Vase
This one-of-a-kind Denise Chavarria Blackware Vase with hand-carved designs and a contrasting matte/polished finish is handmade by Santa Clara Pueblo artist Denise Chavarria. The black carbonized finish of this elegant clay Blackware Vase is achieved by placing the clay jar over a smothered, outdoor fire. Handcrafted in New Mexico.
Slide 7: Marcella Yepa Melon Vase
Marcella Yepa Melon Vase
A specialist in contemporary hand-coiled, melon-styled pottery, clay artist Marcella Yepa has handmade her one-of-a-kind Marcella Yepa Melon Vase from clays and natural pigments found within the Jemez Pueblo where she was born. Employing the traditional hand-coiling and pinching methods to shape the vase, her Marcella Yepa Melon Vase is fired on an open outdoor kiln. Handcrafted in New Mexico.
Slide 8: Marcella Yepa Wedding Vase
Marcella Yepa Wedding Vase
Part of Pueblo life for centuries, wedding vases—like this graceful one-of-a-kind Marcella Yepa Wedding Vase—are considered sacred among tribal members. At once traditional and contemporary, Marcella Yepa of the Jemez Pueblo employs traditional hand-coiling, pinching, and carving techniques to shape the special clays she unearths into this stunning vase. The dramatic swirls and beautiful shape are characteristic of her style. A micaceous slip adds subtle sparkle. Fired outdoors over cedar chips. Handcrafted in New Mexico.
Slide 9: Round Blue Spiral Art Glass Vase
Round Blue Spiral Art Glass Vase
Was: $115.00 Now: $89.99
A breathtaking work of functional art, this spectacular Round Blue Spiral Art Glass Vase is mouthblown by a master glass artisan who employs the centuries-old technique of caneworking to create the beautiful spiral designs within. Made in the U.S.A.
Slide 10: Elegant Chinese Porcelains
Elegant Chinese Porcelains
Was: $65.00 - $85.00 Now: $21.99 - $28.99
Artisan crafted near the site of the imperial kilns of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279 CE), the traditional shapes of these finely made Elegant Chinese Porcelains are finished with sleek contemporary colors and glazes.

Steel Gray Orig. $65.00 NOW $21.99
Semi-Matte Black Orig. $85.00 NOW $28.99
Turquoise Orig. $85.00 NOW $28.99

Slide 11: Leaf Print Terra Cotta Vases
Leaf Print Terra Cotta Vases
Was: $35.00 - $65.00 Now: $24.99 - $44.99
Striped to resemble the veins of leaves, the naturalistic exteriors of these textured Leaf Print Terra Cotta Vases echo the botanicals they might present.

Small Orig. $35.00 NOW $24.99
Large Orig. $65.00 NOW $44.99

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