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Slide 0: Limited Edition Musical Revolving Peacock Egg
Limited Edition Musical Revolving Peacock Egg
This crystal-accented music box is handmade from a genuine goose egg. Unfurl this Fabergé-style egg to reveal the peacock within. Wind the key of this Limited Edition Musical Revolving Peacock Egg to see the peacock turn and to hear Somebody Loves Me play. Gift boxed.
Slide 1: First Snowflake Kitten Sculpture
First Snowflake Kitten Sculpture
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Utterly entranced, our clever cat wears a golden scarf and hat as she balances a pristine snowflake on the tip of her nose. Enjoy this First Snowflake Kitten Sculpture indoors or out. Heavyweight aluminum with bronzed finish.


Slide 2: Limited Edition Musical Carousel Egg
Limited Edition Musical Carousel Egg
Handmade from a genuine goose egg and adorned with Czech crystals, this Limited Edition Musical Carousel Egg is an enchanting homage to Fabergé eggs. Gently turn the top half clockwise to hear The Blue Danube Waltz as the carousel turntable revolves. Gift boxed.
Slide 3: Reproduction Greek Horse Sculpture
Reproduction Greek Horse Sculpture
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

This archaeological Reproduction Greek Horse Sculpture is made entirely by hand at an Italian foundry. Uses the same techniques as artisans over 2,500 years ago. Made in Italy.
Slide 4: Golden Crane Sculptures
Golden Crane Sculptures
Like most of their living counterparts, this lyrical pair of Golden Crane Sculptures has mated for life. Emblematic of longevity, happiness and soaring spirits, this graceful indoor/outdoor couple is sculpted from sand-cast aluminum with hand-patinaed verdigris bodies.
Slide 5: Sea Turtle on Coral Sculpture
Sea Turtle on Coral Sculpture
Exceptionally artistic and perfectly balanced, this heavyweight solid brass Sea Turtle on Coral Sculpture—a sea turtle appearing to swim below the surface of the ocean—is hand cast using the ancient lost-wax technique. Marble base. Protected underside.
Slide 6: Four Seasons Waterglobes
Four Seasons Waterglobes
With a gentle shake of each exquisite orb and a quick reading of the seasonal Haiku engraved on each base, you can relive that “perfect day” or anticipate a cherished season’s return with these Four Seasons Waterglobes. The gracious cherry trees of Spring rain their blossoms upon a landscaped bridge; the elegant lilac trees of Summer shelter a statue inspired by American sculptor August St. Gaudens; the scarlet-leaved trees of Autumn shower the fall landscape with fiery sparkles; and the bare birch trees of Winter welcome gentle snowfalls. Resin, glass.
Slide 7: Smithsonian Hand-Painted Japanese Figurines
Smithsonian Hand-Painted Japanese Figurines
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

These stunning, Smithsonian Hand-Painted Japanese Figurines are adaptations of figures depicted in a triptych of Kitagawa Utamaro scroll paintings. Ceramic.


Slide 8: Murano Glass Aquarium
Murano Glass Aquarium
(Originally $220.00)

Experience the tranquil pleasure of a tropical fish aquarium without the need for feeding and maintenance. Beautifully expressing the strong tie between the tiny islands of Venice and the briny lagoon in which they reside, this Murano Glass Aquarium is handmade by Murano glass blowers. Colorful fish, underwater reeds, and decorations are created from glass rods, called murrina, then skillfully embedded (while nearly molten) within the glass “tank” of this enchanting Murano Glass Aquarium. The result is a masterful illusion of movement made more vibrant and magical in natural light. Each will vary, making it truly one-of-a-kind.
Slide 9: Saw-Whet Owl Sculpture
Saw-Whet Owl Sculpture
Like the burrowing owls at our National Zoo, this adorable Saw-Whet Owl Sculpture reminds us that in nature, the saw-whet is as small as a robin and makes a tooting whistle like a saw being sharpened on a whetstone. His head shyly turned—to question, to ponder, perhaps to greet—this Saw-Whet Owl Sculpture hopes to find a permanent home with you. Cast aluminum with bronzed finish.
Slide 10: Mini Art Glass Teapots
Mini Art Glass Teapots
Miniature masterpieces of handmade glass art, each tiny teapot holds a different blossom within. These decorative ornaments are crafted by lampwork artisans, who carefully melt down glass rods to create each unique design. These Mini Art Glass Teapots come as a set of 6, one each design, presented in a gift box.
Slide 11: Gemstone Bonsai
Gemstone Bonsai
Firmly rooted in genuine amethyst, this enchanting Gemstone Bonsai with copper roots, trunk and branches bears gemstones rather than leaves or fruit. Natural variations will occur.
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