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Slide 0: Laurel Burch™ Polka Dot Cat Tee
Laurel Burch™ Polka Dot Cat Tee
Meow! This feline, folk art must-have reprises iconic Laurel Burch™ designs—polka dot cats with fun geometric accents on the Laurel Burch™ Polka Dot Cat Tee. Shapely fit. Polyester. Imported. This cute tee runs true to size; if you’re between sizes, order up for a looser fit, down for a snugger fit.


Slide 1: Playful Kittens Button-Up Sweater
Playful Kittens Button-Up Sweater
Millennial or baby boomer, she will love this soft, button-front cardigan with playful kittens on the front and fanciful paw prints on the sleeves and back. Relaxed-fit knit. Pre-shrunk cotton and acrylic. This Playful Kittens Button-Up Sweater is made in the U.S.A.
Slide 2: Laurel Burch™ Carlotta's Cat Tee
Laurel Burch™ Carlotta's Cat Tee
Show your kittenish side with this fun Laurel Burch™ design—an enigmatic cat playing hide and seek with flowers. Polka dot cats' tails pattern the front and back of this Laurel Burch™ Carlotta's Cat Tee. Polyester. Imported.
Slide 3: Black Cat Tail Mugs
Black Cat Tail Mugs
These sleek black cats let their beautiful tails serve as handles, while hoping their thoughtful sentiments, translations from Japanese poetry, bring you joy. These Black Cat Tail Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Ceramic. Made in Japan.

Heart (Left)
Happy (Right)



Slide 4: Cat Treat Jar Food Bowl
Cat Treat Jar Food Bowl
Indulge your favorite feline with gourmet accessories—a Treat Jar with sealed lid and a microwave- and dishwasher-safe Water/Food Bowl. Handmade in ceramic stoneware, each is decorated with cat delights—a “MEOW,” bird, mouse, ball of yarn, cat, and fish bones (jar)—and will vary slightly. This Cat Treat Jar & Food Bowl is designed in the U.S.A.

Jar Orig. $95.00 NOW $39.99
Bowl Orig. $55.00 NOW $24.99

Slide 5: Cat Tote
Cat Tote
Hand-printed (front and back) with a cute wide-eyed cat, this chic carryall is designed to organize as well as tote. The exterior of this Cat Tote features a convenient vertical-zip pocket for quick access to cellphone or wallet; the interior has 1 zippered and 2 open wall pockets. Cotton canvas. Imported.
Slide 6: Whimsical Cat Taxi Wallet
Whimsical Cat Taxi Wallet
An irresistible combination of cute and clever, adorable cats adorn the interior and exterior of this slim Whimsical Cat Taxi® Wallet. The exterior snap-close pocket corrals coins. The interior double pockets and slots stash bills, receipts, cards and a driver’s license. Comes nestled in a drawstring pouch within a re-useable tin. Coated canvas. Imported.
Slide 7: Madeleine Floyd Cat Tote
Madeleine Floyd Cat Tote
It's the purr-fect Madeleine Floyd Cat Tote. Charming designs by illustrator Madeleine Floyd render this functional accessory absolutely irresistible. Snap closure. Lined. Interior zipper pocket. 100% cotton with PVC gloss. Imported.
Slide 8: Orange Cat Tote
Orange Cat Tote
Hand-printed (front and back) with a cute, wide-eyed cat, this chic carryall organizes and totes. This Orange Cat Tote includes a convenient exterior vertical cellphone/wallet zip pocket. Three interior organizing pockets—1 zippered, 2 open-wall. Snap closure. Cotton canvas. Imported.
Slide 9: Tuxedo Cat Taxi Wallet
Tuxedo Cat Taxi Wallet
Dedicated to feline friends and their adoring fans, this compact RFID-protected Tuxedo Cat Taxi Wallet with inside coin pocket, outside card pocket, and divided currency compartment fits comfortably in a front pocket or small handbag. Interior snap closure. Coated canvas. Comes in a re-useable gift tin. Imported.
Slide 10: Literary Cat Snowglobe
Literary Cat Snowglobe
Pretending to snooze atop such feline masterpieces as The Great Catsby, Anna Caterina, and A Tail of 2 Cats, this cool Literary Cat Snowglobe hopes glittering snowfall distracts you from his intellectual pursuits. Glass, resin.
Slide 11: Mouse Cave Pet Bed
Mouse Cave Pet Bed
Cats and some small dogs will love hiding, playing, and sleeping in this comfy Mouse Cave Pet Bed. Handcrafted by women’s collectives in Nepal, the lanolin-rich blend of Tibetan and New Zealand wool keeps the bed naturally clean. Can be machine washed and air dried.
Slide 12: Mini Cat Trinket Trays Set
Mini Cat Trinket Trays Set
Artisan romance—mini trays of hand-carved stone depict two felines whose entwined tails signal their mutual affection. Dyed and etched at a Kenyan craft cooperative, this decorative Mini Cat Trinket Trays Set is perfect for gathering earrings or paperclips. Fair Trade.
Slide 13: Kittens in the Window Rug
Kittens in the Window Rug
What could be more welcoming—or just plain adorable—than cute kittens looking forward to your return? This hand-hooked Kittens in the Window Rug is machine washable. Polyester. Imported.


Slide 14: Meow Porcelain Trinket Dish
Meow Porcelain Trinket Dish
For the feline enthusiast or anyone with a thing for Halloween, this Meow Porcelain Trinket Dish is the cat's "MEOW!" Food safe. Hand wash. Do not microwave.
Slide 15: Ceramic Nestling Cats
Ceramic Nestling Cats
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Happy standing apart or nestling together, these sculptural Ceramic Nestling Cats maintain their enigmatic cool, despite artistic differences of height and color. Hand-glazed matte-finish ceramic.
Slide 16: Captivating Catalan Cat
Captivating Catalan Cat
Blithely unaware of the smiles her colorful coat elicits or of the Catalan art nouveau style she represents, this fabulous and friendly feline is a Spanish design. Directly evocative of the fragmented-tile mosaic technique, trencadis, espoused by the architect Antoni Gaudi, this must-have collectible Captivating Catalan Cat is interpreted in hand-painted resin.


Slide 17: Phyliss Nez Storyteller Doll
Phyliss Nez Storyteller Doll
An accomplished Navajo Nation storyteller artist, Phyliss Nez focuses on the face of the storyteller, as in this engaging Phyliss Nez Storyteller Doll. Phyliss makes her one-of-a-kind Phyliss Nez Storyteller Dolls (like this festive woman with three cats) entirely by hand, using the techniques taught her by Felicita Eustace of the Cochiti Pueblo—coiling the hand-gathered clay, shaping it, painting it with natural pigments, and firing it outdoors over an open kiln. Handcrafted in New Mexico.
Slide 18: Smitten Kitten Garden Sculpture
Smitten Kitten Garden Sculpture
In this charming encounter between a flitting butterfly and an inquisitive cat, the enchantment seems mutual. This unexpected moment in time can be enjoyed indoors or out. This Smitten Kitten Garden Sculpture is made of heavyweight aluminum with verdigris finish.
Slide 19: Whimsical Standing Cat Birdfeeder
Whimsical Standing Cat Birdfeeder
This clever Whimsical Standing Cat Birdfeeder seems to tempt avian fate by inviting birds to dine from the feeder he holds aloft. Bronze-finished feeder with bird accent can hold keys indoors or birdseed in the garden. Verdigris-finished feline. Aluminum.
Slide 20: Kitten and Leaf Birdfeeder
Kitten and Leaf Birdfeeder
A patiently waiting cat reviews his bird-nabbing strategy while pretending interest in the birdseed that will surely lure his prey. This Kitten and Leaf Birdfeeder is handcrafted and hand-finished aluminum. Will patina over time.
Slide 21: Jim Shore® Mini Christmas Cat with Ornament Figurine
Jim Shore® Mini Christmas Cat with Ornament Figurine
Like a kitten with a new toy, this mischievous cat—designed by American folk artist Jim Shore—wears a snowflake sweater while playing with a Christmas ornament. This Jim Shore® Mini Christmas Cat with Ornament Figurine is intricately crafted and hand-painted stone resin.
Slide 22: Cat's Meow Rice Bowls - Set of 4
Cat's Meow Rice Bowls - Set of 4
These whimsical rice, snack, or ice cream bowls are purrfect for foodies, cat lovers, or both. Made in Japan, the cute cats gracing the textured exteriors and smooth interiors are amusing expressions of pre- and post-gratification. Ceramic. These Cat's Meow Rice Bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe.
Slide 23: Kit-Cat Clock
Kit-Cat Clock
Celebrate 70 Years of Optimistic Timekeeping. Introduced during the Great Depression, this popular Kit-Cat® Clock conveys optimism with its rolling eyes and swinging tail. Made in the USA of plastic. Quartz movement takes two C batteries (not included).
Slide 24: Lucky Cat Cufflinks
Lucky Cat Cufflinks
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

These Maneke Neko cufflinks include a lucky beckoning cat. These Lucky Cat Cufflinks are plated metal. Bullet backs.
Slide 25: Red Playful Kittens Button-Up Sweater
Red Playful Kittens Button-Up Sweater
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Millennial or baby boomer, she will love this soft, button-front cardigan with playful kittens on the front and fanciful paw prints on the sleeves and back. Relaxed-fit knit. Pre-shrunk cotton and acrylic. This Red Playful Kittens Button-Up Sweater is made in the U.S.A.
Slide 26: Playful Kittens Scarf
Playful Kittens Scarf
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Paired with our Playful Kittens Sweater or worn alone, she will adore this fun knit Playful Kittens Scarf, patterned with cat silhouettes and paw prints. Pre-shrunk cotton and acrylic. Made in the U.S.A.
Slide 27: Petite Kitty Charm Necklace
Petite Kitty Charm Necklace
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Meow! This whimsical Petite Kitty Charm Necklace—designed by Lynn Chang, author and illustrator of classics such as Costumes for Your Cat and Yoga for Cats—is purrfect for all the cat lovers on your list. Enameled pendant. 14k gold-filled chain with spring ring clasp. Made in the U.S.A.
Slide 28: First Snowflake Kitten Sculpture
First Snowflake Kitten Sculpture
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Utterly entranced, our clever cat wears a golden scarf and hat as she balances a pristine snowflake on the tip of her nose. Enjoy this First Snowflake Kitten Sculpture indoors or out. Heavyweight aluminum with bronzed finish.


Slide 29: Cats with Butterflies Scarf
Cats with Butterflies Scarf
Make your day (and that of everyone you encounter) when you wear this whimsical Laurel Burch™ design—inscrutable felines pretending to ignore fantastical butterflies flitting about on a starry night. This Cats with Butterflies Scarf is 100% silk. Imported.
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