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Slide 0: Smithsonian Motor-Works Kit
Smithsonian Motor-Works Kit
Give a budding mechanic a model engine kit that results in a working, battery-powered four cylinder engine with real lights and sounds. Its clear body lets you watch the spark plugs fire and valves open and close. This Smithsonian Motor-Works Kit includes over 100 parts that easily screw together and detailed instructions to help along the way. The engine recalls many of the machines, motors, and other industrial items found at the National Museum of American History-Behring Center.
Slide 1: Smithsonian Planetarium Projector
Smithsonian Planetarium Projector
Fall asleep under the stars and ignite your kid's interest in the universe with this Smithsonian Planetarium Projector. It brings planets, stars, asteroids and other celestial bodies down to earth and into your young one's bedroom. Best of all? It's as amazing to look at as it is educational. As the planetarium rotates, slide discs display star patterns of the northern hemisphere, HD space images, and more.


Slide 2: Smithsonian Mega Science Lab Kit
Smithsonian Mega Science Lab Kit
The ultimate science kit for kids lets them explore various worlds of scientific discovery. This Smithsonian Mega Science Lab Kit contains six sets in one all-in way to get hands-on scientific experience. From digging for dinosaurs to trying their hand at growing crystals, everything needed is included to engage and educate little learners.
Slide 3: Smithsonian Rocket Science Kit
Smithsonian Rocket Science Kit
Build and launch a rocket powered by only baking soda and vinegar. This hands-on Smithsonian Rocket Science Kit for kids can be used again and again to reach new heights up to 50 feet in the air. The rocket kit comes with detailed instructions and the parts to start soaring, recalling the rockets celebrated at the National Air and Space Museum.
Slide 4: The Original Rock Tumbler
The Original Rock Tumbler
This heavy duty rock tumbler smooths rough stones into beautiful, high luster gemstones. Along with The Original Rock Tumbler comes everything you need—like grit, polish, stones, and jewelry settings—to rock, roll, buff and shine your own beautiful gems.
Slide 5: The Original Rock Tumbler Refill
The Original Rock Tumbler Refill
With rock tumbler refills handy, you're always prepared to smooth rough stones into beautiful, high luster gemstones. Replacement grit, polish, and even more gemstones are in included to roll, buff, and shine your own beautiful gems.
Slide 6: Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig Kit
Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig Kit
Give kids hands-on learning with a rock and gemstone kit. Little geologists can excavate and identify gemstones and minerals while learning how these natural wonders are formed. Kids can then scientifically test the stones for hardness and streak. This Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig Kit comes packed with tools and gems and minerals (and safety goggles!) so kids can start exploring the wonderful world of rocks.


Slide 7: Smithsonian Glow in the Dark Giant Volcano Kit
Smithsonian Glow in the Dark Giant Volcano Kit
Go big—like, explosively big—with this Smithsonian Glow in the Dark Giant Volcano Kit. Kids can build their own volcanic formation with papier mâché and the included structure. When it's eruption time, they can then trigger a flow of glow in the dark lava. The kit has everything needed to build and erupt and recreate the same experience studied at the National Museum of Natural History.
Slide 8: Smithsonian Microscope Kit
Smithsonian Microscope Kit
Focus in on a kids microscope kit that lets little explorers see objects at 150-, 450-, and 900 times magnification. From leaves to hair to whatever else they want to learn more about, kids can view things in extremely close detail. This Smithsonian Microscope Kit is a fun way to get children interested in science and discover more about the world around them. This kids' microscope kit includes various tools for collecting specimens like a scalpel, tweezers, and a spatula. It also comes with a petri dish, blank slides, and labels for viewing and organizing subjects.
Slide 9: Smithsonian Magic Rocks Kit
Smithsonian Magic Rocks Kit
Calling all mini geologists. This crystal growing kit lets kids create their own brilliant crystal garden. All the scientific ingredients, like metallic salts, are included so kids can dig in and start growing spiky and colorful magic rocks that can reach up to four inches tall.


Slide 10: Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Kit
Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Kit
With a wooden spaceship craft kit little explorers have everything they need to create three space crafts that are worthy of epic travels. With this sweet set, creating them is only half the fun. Once the wooden pieces are painted and decorated, these spaceships make great toys. Whether it's a rocket carrying an astronaut to the moon or a UFO bringing a little green man to the third planet from the sun, the design of a spacecraft is key to its mission.
Slide 11: Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits - Space
Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits - Space
This space craft kit combines the best of creativity, discovery, and learning in one exciting artistic journey. Kids can cast their own molds of a space shuttle, command module, and more to paint, display, or play with. A space-themed activity book and coloring poster rounds out the out-of-this-world kit.