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Slide 0: Butterfly Migration Puzzle
Butterfly Migration Puzzle
Map meets art in this Butterfly Migration Puzzle. Artist Wendy Gold's stunning collage work makes for a challenging task with a gorgeous scene as the reward. Vintage images of butterflies flutter across this 1,000-piece puzzle that includes information about the artist.

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Slide 1: Outer Space Shaped Puzzle
Outer Space Shaped Puzzle
A rocket-shaped space puzzle is the perfect way to explore the galaxy. Little hands can piece together a colorful scene with planets, satellites, and more interstellar excitement. When it's complete, the puzzle takes shape as a rocket ready for blast off.
Slide 2: Plant Life Panoramic Puzzle
Plant Life Panoramic Puzzle
Does your garden grow in a rainbow? This Plant Life Panoramic Puzzle takes a colorful view on plant life. The lush landscape of leafy plants is arranged to create a bright and bold rainbow that big kids and grown-ups will want to dig in to piece together.

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Slide 3: I Am Triceratops Puzzle
I Am Triceratops Puzzle
A mighty triceratops takes shape in this dinosaur puzzle for kids. Large, kid-friendly pieces fit together to create a dino-shaped finished product that's the size of a poster. An included insert features an image of the puzzle and amazing facts about this prehistoric favorite.
Slide 4: Bouquet of Birds Shaped Puzzle
Bouquet of Birds Shaped Puzzle
A birdcage shape puzzle will have you chirping with excitement as you piece together a beautiful menagerie of birds. This 750 piece Bouquet of Birds Shaped Puzzle is the work of artist Ben Gilles who created the hand-cut paper birds and gilded cage for the puzzle's image. Best of all, it pieces together into an exquisite birdcage shape.

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Slide 5: Crazy Bug Bouquet Puzzle
Crazy Bug Bouquet Puzzle
Get buzzing with this Crazy Bug Bouquet Puzzle that will have you piecing things together in a circle. Illustrated by Norwegian artist Bjorn Rune Lie, a beautiful bouquet of blooms is surrounded by a fanciful assortment of crawling and flying insects. From butterflies with chevron wings to centipedes wearing hats, this whimsical puzzle paints a charming, buggy scene.
Slide 6: Two-in-One Dinosaur Dig Puzzle
Two-in-One Dinosaur Dig Puzzle
Dig deeper into a dinosaur scene with a double sided puzzle. Colorful carnivores and herbivores play on one side. Flip it over to reveal their bones buried in the earth. This Two-in-One Dinosaur Dig Puzzle is an interesting and engaging way for little ones and their grown-ups to piece together some prehistoric fun.
Slide 7: Rainforest Fuzzy Puzzle
Rainforest Fuzzy Puzzle
Little hands will love the feel of this Rainforest Fuzzy Puzzle. The chunky pieces are kid-friendly and there are fuzzy embellishments throughout the colorful jungle scene of sweet animals, curious insects, and lush foliage.
Slide 8: Thirty Six Butterflies Puzzle
Thirty Six Butterflies Puzzle
Learn about 36 different butterflies in this highlight detailed and challenging 100-piece jigsaw puzzle from Crocodile Creek. This Thirty Six Butterflies Puzzle is suited perfectly for family fun—and of course for the animal lovers! The sturdy canister doubles as storage when not in use. Each puzzle comes with a naming sheet in 4 different languages to help you learn about the different butterflies featured. Puzzle pieces are made of strong, high-quality board that will not tear or break. Printed with soy-based inks. Ages 5 and up. Finished puzzle size: 14" x 19". Canister size: 5" x 5" x 8". Made in China.
Slide 9: Saturn V Rocket 3D Puzzle
Saturn V Rocket 3D Puzzle
Piece together a galactic odyssey with a space puzzle highlighting the Saturn V rocket. The 68-piece puzzle stands out in 3D to create a striking, display-worthy piece. This rocket served as the launch vehicle for the Apollo missions and also the Skylab Space Station. Developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, the Saturn V earned its "V" designation due to the five powerful F-1 engines that powered the first stage of the rocket.
Slide 10: Discover Space Puzzle
Discover Space Puzzle
Crocodile Creek's Discover Space Puzzle is a 100-piece giant floor jigsaw puzzle that is perfect for little ones to learn about space and the solar system and other great facts! The 3-foot puzzle also comes with 21 put-together icons that match up to planets, solar system, sun and astronauts. Also included is a guide book that has details about each of the icons featured on the puzzle and in the figures. Printed with soy-based ink on recycled cardboard. Each figure is approximately 3" high. Ages 5 and up. Finished puzzle size: 36" x 27.5". Box size: 16" x 10" x 3.6". Made in China.
Slide 11: World Cities Puzzle
World Cities Puzzle
Crocodile Creek's World Cities Puzzle is a 200-piece puzzle with matching poster that will delight all ages. The puzzle when put together creates a beautiful global map with world cities featured on each continent. The same image is on the poster which makes putting the puzzle together easier. When the puzzle is not in use, it stores easily in a sturdy cardboard cylinder with rope handle. Puzzle is printed with soy-based ink on recycled cardboard. Ages 6 and up. Finished puzzle size: 13" x 19". Container size: 4" x 4" x 11.5". Poster size: 3" x 5". Made in China.