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Slide 0: Molecube
Was: $24.00 Now: $18.99
Twist and turn this colorful Molecube puzzle until there are no two spheres of the same color on any side.


Slide 1: Scrabble Deluxe Edition
Scrabble Deluxe Edition
Engage in epic word battles with this heirloom quality, solid wood Scrabble Deluxe Edition. The raised grid of the deluxe game board keeps tiles in place. The built-in lazy susan facilitates player access. The interior compartments organize the solid wood tiles and racks, foil-stamped scorebook with pencil, optional sand timer, and isntructions. Embroidered fabric tile pouch.
Slide 2: Smithsonian Kids Space Tablet
Smithsonian Kids Space Tablet
Encourage a love of science the fun way with this sleek talking Smithsonian Kids Space Tablet with beautiful images and realistic sounds. Touching any of the 21 icons (in Discovery, Quiz, or Exploration mode) or activating one of the 4 games offers multiple learning options, while reinforcing independent play and memory and observation skills. Instructions and required 2 AA batteries included. Plastic. Ages 4 and up.
Slide 3: Castle Marquetry 8-Game Wooden Game Box
Castle Marquetry 8-Game Wooden Game Box
Was: $135.00 Now: $109.99
Smithsonian Exclusive Smithsonian Institution Exclusive

Organized within this finely crafted wood box are 8 classic games—chess, checkers, backgammon, Chinese checkers, playing cards, dominoes, sodoku, and dice—to enjoy with friends and family during the holidays, on vacations, or whenever the mood strikes. Inlaid on the lid with a design inspired by the Smithsonian Castle's north-facing circular window, this oak-finished chest can be proudly stored in plain sight. Velvet game-piece storage bags included with this Castle Marquetry 8-Game Wooden Game Box.


Slide 4: Solid Wood Chinese Checkers Set
Solid Wood Chinese Checkers Set
Kids 9 to 109 will have a blast strategically moving and jumping glass marbles on the finely crafted Malaysian oak board of this Solid Wood Chinese Checkers Set. Invented by a Harvard Medical School surgeon, this classic game includes a drawstring cloth marbles storage bag. 2 to 6 players. Ages 9 and up.
Slide 5: Deluxe Wood Sudoku
Deluxe Wood Sudoku
Play individually, competitively or in a group setting with this beautifully finished wood board with pull-out drawers to store the two-sided playing pieces—90 large and 90 thinking. This Deluxe Wood Sudoku includes starter puzzles, Sudoku history, and directions.
Slide 6: Wood Cathedral Game
Wood Cathedral Game
Was: $75.00 Now: $59.99
In this award-winning Wood Cathedral Game, two sets of building-shaped playing pieces are strategically positioned to control this medieval, cathedral-centered, city. The most effective blocker wins. Includes 1 board, 28 buildings, 1 cathedral, and rules.
Slide 7: Mighty Dinosaurs Big Box of Games
Mighty Dinosaurs Big Box of Games
Mighty Dinosaurs Big Box of Games features four dino-fun games in one. Each big box comes with a 24-tile dino memory game, a 28-piece dino dominoes set, a dino spinner game with dino game board, and a 4-card dino bingo game with 64 dino tokens.
Slide 8: Solid Birch Travel Backgammon
Solid Birch Travel Backgammon
Was: $125.00 Now: $69.99
A portable heirloom-to-be, this Solid Birch Travel Backgammon is custom printed with images inspired by vintage textiles. Solid birch. Brass hardware. Comes with two sets each of checkers and dice, which can be stored in the wooden side pockets of the opened box. Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
Slide 9: Travel Tic Tac Toe Coin Set
Travel Tic Tac Toe Coin Set
Was: $25.00 Now: $12.49
Amuse restless kids and adults alike with this Travel Tic Tac Toe Coin Set. Genuine, acrylic-cased Jefferson nickels and Lincoln pennies replace X's and O's. History card tells about the coins and relates interesting facts about Jefferson and Lincoln. Certificate of Authenticity.
Slide 10: Chroma Cube
Chroma Cube
Was: $30.00 Now: $14.99
Unblock your mind. In Chroma Cube—a colorful strategy game—reference one of 25 different puzzle cards (which feature clues on the back) to determine which of 12 colorful wooden cubes goes where. Ages 7 and up.