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Slide 0: One-of-a-Kind Malian Throw Blanket
One-of-a-Kind Malian Throw Blanket
This lightweight One-of-a-Kind Malian Throw Blanket is hand-woven with abstract line art motifs by a Malian artisan. A unique work of practical art, no two blanket designs will be exactly the same. Hemmed borders at each end. 100% Malian cotton. Made in Mali.
Slide 1: Wyeth Trail Blanket
Wyeth Trail Blanket
Jacquard loomed in Pendleton Woolen Mills' Wyeth Trail pattern, the warm colors of this Wyeth Trail Blanket emulate ancient corn varieties, while the balanced rows echo ancient Native American gardens. Reversible blanket for two different looks. 82% Wool/18% Cotton with felt binding. Woven in the U.S.A.