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Baseball Americana - Paperback

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Explore Baseball's Uniquely American Character. Baseball Americana: Treasures from the Library of Congress takes you on an armchair tour of fabulous first-generation photographic and chromolithographic baseball cards; photographs of famous players and ballparks; cartoons; advertisements and newspaper clippings. From baseball’s biggest stars to its street urchins, from its most newsworthy stories to sandlot and Little League games, Baseball Americana examines baseball’s hardscrabble origins, rich cultural heritage, and uniquely American character. Published in the USA.  Paperback; 288 pages; 350 full color images. 9" x 12".

Museum Provenance

Baseball Americana recalls baseball memorabilia in our sports history collection, National Museum of American History, Behring Center. The Smithsonian’s Sports Collection was started in 1882 by George Brown Goode (1851-1896). Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Goode profoundly influenced this institution and museum practice in general by incorporating American ideals, consumer culture and popular interests into the museum’s collections and exhibits. On May 26, 1882, over 35 pieces of sports and entertainment equipment arrived from the Peck and Snyder Company of New York. These objects are the earliest—though not the oldest—artifacts in the National Museum of American History’s sports collection. Today, the much-enlarged collection primarily resides in the Division of Cultural History. The primary purpose of the sports endeavor is to show sports in the context of American History. Now the sports collection alone includes approximately 6,000 objects.

Every Smithsonian purchase will arrive with a museum provenance card explaining how it is adapted from or inspired by an object or objects in our collection.

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