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Clothing & Accessories

Our selections of shirts, jackets, scarves, and neckties are inspired by the art, design and historical collections of the Smithsonian Institution. Beautifully embroidered coats, silk scarves and stylish totes are great additions to any wardrobe. Clothing and accessories are featured in several collections at our American History Museum.
Asian Flair Tunic Jacket


Red-Crowned Crane Jacket


Bejeweled Peacock Purse


Sheer Stripes Silk Scarf


Tasseled Jaipur Scarf


Reversible Floral Arabesque Jacket


Indian Flower Power Tunic


Dehli Fashion Scarf


Kerala Blossoms Scarf


Dreamy Indigo Pleated-Fleece Jacket


Twining Vine Hand-Printed Silk Scarf


Chic Pine Needle Jacket


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