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Star-Spangled Banner

Raise It Up, Star-Spangled Banner

In 2014, the National Museum of American History will “Raise It Up!” and celebrate the 200th anniversary of the nation’s most iconic symbol: the Star-Spangled Banner, the flag that inspired our National Anthem. And for six short weeks this summer, the original manuscript of the National Anthem will be reunited with the Flag at the Museum. Bring some of this excitement into your own home with these t-shirts, glasses, and iconic flag products.
Star-Spangled Banner Side-Pocket Tote


"Raise It Up!" Pint Glasses


Men's "Raise It Up!" T-Shirt


24K Gold-Plated Flag Ornament


Women's Red, White and Blue Spirit Football Jersey™


Star-Spangled Banner Lidded Thermal Tumbler


Women's Star-Spangled Banner Newsprint Tee


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