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Amber Jewelry

Commissioned by Prussia’s Frederick I, presented to Peter the Great and installed by Catherine the Great in her summer palace, the “Amber Room” was a testament to the value placed upon this prized Baltic gem. Although purportedly destroyed during World War II, no one knows for sure what happened to the original Amber Room. The Smithsonian’s beautiful amber collection at the National Museum of Natural History and the products on these pages showcase the translucent beauty of Baltic amber and the skill of the Polish artisans who transform it.
Baltic Amber Owl Necklace


Three-Drop Baltic Amber Necklace and Earrings

$65.00 - $195.00

Baltic Amber Toucan Necklace


Amber Honeybee Necklace


Baltic Amber Illusion Necklace


Baltic Amber Butterfly Necklace


Baltic Amber Octopus Necklace


Baltic Amber Collar Necklace


Baltic Butterscotch Amber Hummingbird Necklace


Baltic Butterscotch Amber Filigree Jewelry

$120.00 - $180.00

Six-Strand "Caribbean Amber" Jewelry Set


Faux Red Onyx and Amber Necklace and Earrings

Orig.: $15.00 - $45.00

NOW: $11.99 - $34.99

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